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Who will stand with Lady Justice?


At the founding of United States of America, we began with the hope of justice for all. Our forefathers chose Lady Justice as a symbol of equal treatment under the law. She is often seen wearing a blindfold representing objectivity. Meaning justice should be given without fear or favor no matter of identity, money, power, or weakness. Our founders expected our justice system to be blind and impartial never taking into account sex, religion, or color when rendering a decision. The question I ask: Who will stand with Lady Justice?

When our founders established our country, they used the Christian principal of all men and women are created equal. No person had more worth than another. It’s true we haven’t always been good at creating this level field through our history, but it a worthy goal to strive for.

Sadly, there is less and less impartiality in our justice system as each year passes. The blindfolds have been removed and depending on the lense of the colored glasses worn by jurors, similar cases are decided much differently. Ideology, political affiliation, social status, and feelings now color the outcome of many legal cases.

If we, as a nation, cannot impart justice equally to all people, our nation is doomed. Justice will become unequal. The scales will tip and Lady Justice will no longer provide equal treatment. Sex, religion, color or nationalities will swing the scales one way or another in different areas of the country.

Please pray for the United States of America, that freedom, liberty, and justice will return in full measure to each and every citizen in our nation. Pray each person will take their responsibility as a citizen seriously and become blind to those things that divide us. Ask Father God to renew patriotism in each heart.

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