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Where’s there’s smoke there’s fire?

Have you noticed how many doomsday movies and shows on TV there are and wondered where there’s smoke, there’s fire? Some show our government watching our every move, others have government ruling with an iron hand. There’s even one about the End Times complete with Satan in human form. Of course, it uses parts of the Bible, but they choose verses that fit what they want to say. All the shows come with numerous scenarios of mankind’s destruction, both nationally and worldwide.qtq80-izCF6O

We have seen the deterioration of our country and the erosion of our freedom over the past 100 years, but most of us realize the last twenty years the pace as picked up faster than the first 80 and in the past eight to ten years we are at a neck break speed downhill. If we continue to decline at this pace we are not far from total collapse very soon. There are numerous variables and levels of our demise. Everything from regional difficulties, national disruptions in transportation and supply lines, to total national or worldwide catastrophe.

Since I began writing, my sole purpose, through this blog and the Flee to the Mountain Series is to encourage you to prepare for this eventuality. Preparing your home, establishing a garden or a community garden if at all possible. We stress learning to can fruits, vegetables and meats, purchasing needed supplies ahead, like cleaning and disinfecting items, canning supplies…jars + resealable lids. We suggest the purchase of heirloom seeds, gardening tools, toilet paper, sewing supplies all on the list to have in your own place of storage.

We are doing everything we suggest to you. As I’ve said before, we sold my dream home and purchased 12 acres with an older house and three outbuildings last year. We remodeled the house and started preparing a large area for a large garden complete with a greenhouse this past summer. The exterior of the property is fenced, but we need more to surround the garden and divide the land to prepare for a couple of cows and a pig. A chicken coop needs to be built and we plan to dig a small pond we can use for water storage and recreation. In the future, we would like to build a few small cabins for family and friends when the time comes.

The believer’s most important preparation is spiritually, preparing your heart. This blog focuses on spiritual preparation more than anything else. We feel it is a great weakness in the hearts of many Christians. Many are simply not ready to face spiritual persecution or trials. We do not know what the future holds, but we can already see the covert attacks on Christians. It seems we are the enemy, not radical extremists. We are seen as intolerant and unloving. The idea of speaking the truth in love is not understood by a lost world. Any mention of sin and the need for redemption, through acceptance of Jesus as Lord and Savior, is met with opposition. They see anything we say as a personal attack and offensive. As a result, Christians are being silenced and sued whenever possible.

Dark days are creeping in. We believe with the election results, we have gained time to prepare. However, if you haven’t begun your preparations….start today. If you have started, don’t let up. If money is tight, budget what you can, but do something. We are hopeful we have a few more years, but we never know. Don’t put off today what may be imperative for tomorrow.

Please note: Until the New Year, I’m republishing a few of my favorite posts from this year. Have a very blessed Christmas and New Years.

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  1. Marti May 23, 2016 at 4:07 am - Reply

    Hi Donna,
    this is the first time I have seen your website. A dear friend sent me the link and your article “Where there’s smoke…” I am a Christian woman, retired from the military and in my early 60’s. I had a dream to start a Joseph community in which my place would be a place of refuge for Christians when times got hard. I have moved to the middle of nowhere and from the time I closed on the house have been under attack. 10 days after closing I suffered a brain aneurysm which most don’t survive and those who do usually need much rehab. The doctors cannot explain my full recovery with no need of rehab and return to home 15 days after the event. Several other unfortunate events occurred over the following year. I completed the work on the home with some hiccups and of course not everything being the way I desired. Your comment about building cabins and the pond really caught my attention. I still wonder if I am to be in some other location and am seeking God about this. As for expanding your ministry to others, did you find that building cabins would be less expensive than some other type of structure to provide housing to people? Am interested in your thoughts. Thanks for such a wonderful ministry as your blog.

    • Donna May 23, 2016 at 5:28 pm - Reply

      We believe there will be many havens/sanctuaries around the country and world. One would never be enough. That said we have started small as that is all we have money for now. As God provides resources and manpower, we will expand. We encourage others to build their own sanctuary and co-op with other like-minded people in their area. We cannot provide adequate security going it by ourselves, we have to maximize our security though numbers. As for cabins…when we begin to build the larger sanctuary I write about in my books, we will have dormitories and bunkhouses as well with one main dining hall and kitchen. If you wish to talk further you can reach me at Blessings!

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