November brings Thanksgiving Day, a time to reflect on God’s blessings in our lives, and to show we are thankful for all God has done for us. Not only do we thank God for his gifts, grace, and favor, but we encourage you to move on to action. Words are important, but action speaks from the heart.Horn of Plenty

Tithing, with a cheerful and thankful heart, is important. Giving back to God a portion of the financial blessing he has given to us, supports his church, missionaries, and other outreaches. These organizations must provide an income for the pastors, ministers, and priests along with insurance, electricity, heating and cooling, all the same requirements for a business or home. Money is necessary. Ministries like Samaritan’s Purse, Salvation Army, and local food banks and food kitchens help thousands of people everyday. They too need money to pay their employees and help others.

Tithing is not just giving financial support. Your time is equally valuable and important. Every organization needs workers and your help can be a great blessing to them and the people they serve. This is one way to tithe if your money is limited…pay your tithe through your time and efforts.

Where can you give a tithe through service? Many people attend church or a Bible Study every week, but do you support the group with your service? Do you help in children’s church or Sunday school? Do you help with security or some other necessary job? Do you have skills that could help? Have you ever donated your time to help with a building project? Have you worked at a food kitchen or pantry? The point is: action is necessary for the successful operation of your church or group. And you can help.

God works for our good each and every day for which we are thankful. This November, we’d like to challenge you to take your tithe to the next level, add a tithe of service. The interesting thing is…you’ll bless others with your service, but you will receive a greater blessing… feeling God’s smile when you show him you are thankful for all he does for you.

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