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Flee to the Mountains Blog Site Update

Hello Readers, Flee to the Mountains blog is under going a blog site update. This blog was originally set up to promote our books: Flee to the Mountains, Miraculous Escape, and Daring Rescue. We are now under going a blog site update. Through the years, God expanded this site to encourage Christian Peppers to prepare

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Upbeat or Gloomy?

Is your cup half full or half empty? Are you upbeat or gloomy? Complaining, whining, and dour people drive me crazy. (I know it’s a short drive.) These gloomy...cup half empty folk never see the blessings in their life. What’s sad is many are Christians who profess Jesus as Lord and Savior. They have received

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Moving Forward 2

Moving forward spiritually is extremely important. A close second are physical preparations. The focus of this blog is preparation, and we tend to emphasis the spiritual side. Today, we want to encourage your physical need to prepare for whatever may come in the future. I have shared my struggle in selling the home I believed

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Are Preppers crazy?

Last week, we talked about what we can tell people when they think we are crazy for prepping. We didn’t mention there is a large group of Christians, who agree we are nuts. They believe that God will take care of everything, so we don't have to prepare for anything. So are preppers crazy or

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What do you say when people think you’re crazy?

We hear, all the time, we are crazy for preparing for hard times ahead. Many people believe because we live in the best country in the world nothing, as bad as we think, will ever happen here. When we disagree, they look at us like we grew two heads. They think we’re lunatics and need

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Are You Prepared for the Unthinkable?

Are you prepared for the unthinkable? Are you ready to stand firm in your faith in Jesus even if it means death? Preparation is not all about storing food, becoming self-reliant, and building an off grid system. We must begin now to prepare our hearts spiritually for the unthinkable. The following is a scene in

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Live a Productive Life

A productive life consists of hard work and self-reliance. Yet our culture today supports, even promotes unproductive and lazy lifestyles. This is not good for individuals or a society. It is unhealthy and unsustainable for any country and it is bankrupting ours. God works. He created everything and now holds everything together. He made men

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Hold on to Your Vision

It is easy in our times to lose hold of your vision of hard times ahead as weeks, months and years roll along. Many preppers give up or burn out thinking all their preparations are for nothing as things continue to hold together. Yet all the signs are here and getting worse…we are ripe for

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What’s Important in Life?

What is important in life? As Preppers, many of our thoughts and plans are for the future. In all the planning, we sometimes lose sight of today. Recently a friend passed away leaving his wife of forty-five years. My heart aches for her. Having just past the forty-year mark, I know it must be very hard

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