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Preppers: Is Your Cup Half Empty or Half Full?

We have all met people who go through life always complaining or whining or feeling sorry for themselves.  These cup half empty folk never see the blessings in their life. On the flip side, I’m sure you’ve met the half full individuals as well. These are those who look for the bright side and thank

Why are we Preppers? Are things getting Worse?

Why we are preppers? Sometimes I ask myself the same thing. Looking at our country…our world, I have to wonder…are things getting worse? I observe everything going along day by day fairly normal. People go to work or school; families spend time in the parks or other family events. Life seems good most of the

Are Hard Times Ahead?

There’s no question we’re facing difficult and hard times ahead. I’ve been asked why I believe the times are going to be worse in the future than at any other time in American history. My answer…in the past God, faith, and church attendance were part of the everyday life of the vast majority of the