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Feel Behind in Your Preparations?

We met a man this week who believes as we do…the world is getting progressively worse and someday in the near future, it will crash. When it does, life as we know it will be over. This man’s problem…he’s just getting started and doesn’t feel he can get ready in time. He feels behind…do you

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Moving Forward 2

Moving forward spiritually is extremely important. A close second are physical preparations. The focus of this blog is preparation, and we tend to emphasis the spiritual side. Today, we want to encourage your physical need to prepare for whatever may come in the future. I have shared my struggle in selling the home I believed

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How are your preparations coming?

For more than a year, we have talked about making preparations for the dark and evil days ahead. How are your preparations coming? Have you purchased Heirloom seeds? Have you started gardening? Learning what grows well in your area and what does not? What about fruit trees? Have you planted any? They can take years

Share your Concerns for the Future

How do you share your concerns with your family and friends about preparing for the future of hard times and shortages without sounding crazy? (Well, for most of us it won’t be the first time.) I suppose it depends on the reason you are preparing. If your preparations only extend to preparing for natural or

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Are Visions from God Real? Have You Ever Had One?

In my book, Flee to the Mountains, the Hamiltons receive a vision of a sanctuary ranch high in the Rocky Mountains. They envisioned it to be a place of refuge and safety from a world gone crazy. It’s a place God is directing them to build. My question is, do you believe in visions from

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