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What’s your sacrifice for Jesus Christ?

Jesus sacrificed his life for every person who has ever lived or will live on the earth. Jesus, fully God and man, was the only perfect person who ever lived. Because our sin separated us from Father God, Jesus took our sin and punishment...death. He died on the cross for us, then rose again. Now

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Boot Camp for Christians: Who is our Enemy? Lucifer and his Demons

No Boot Camp is worth your time without teaching: Who is our enemy? Lucifer and his demons. These adversaries are former angelic beings. God created angels to carry out the work in heaven. His favored angel, Lucifer, very beautiful being was loved by God and given a high position of responsibility. Over time, Lucifer grew

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Boot Camp for Christians: Who is our General?

In Boot Camp, it’s important to understand the rank of each officer. Each rank receives more honor and power than the one below. The highest rank in the military is General. Jesus Christ is our General. He earned his position, it wasn’t given to him because he’s God’s only son. Though it would be reason

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The Need for a Boot Camp for Christians

Have you ever wondered why there is so much darkness and pain in our world? How do we combat the evil that is growing? How do we defend ourselves in this spiritual battle and help others? The Bible teaches we have armor and weapons, but how do we use them effectively? The answers to these questions and more

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