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Choose God’s Wisdom

In the current age of enticing philosophies, legalistic religions, and the feel good messages the world has to offer, Proverb’s scriptures are timeless and speak powerfully in the age in which we live. It is one of the most powerful books in the Bible. It encourages us to choose God’s wisdom over the ideologies and

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God is Alive in 2017

God is alive in 2017. However, a growing number in our society and world want freedom from all religion…Christianity, Islam, Hindi, Buddhist or anything else. Unbelievers consider faith of any kind to be false and a crutch for the weak minded. Atheism is on the rise around the world. It’s embraced and encouraged by Communistic

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God is not a Tyrant

Several weeks ago, I heard a news story with a Satanist opposite a Christian. I figure it was meant to make the story ‘fair and balanced.’ What struck me was the comment from the Satanist: ‘God is a tyrant.” He believes God requires…demands blind faith and total adherence to all His rules. Whereas, Satan allows

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Fountain of Living Water versus a Cistern

Fountain of Living Water versus a cistern is vast difference, do we depend on God or rely on the world. We need water in order to live, without it we would die. Therefore, the water we are dependent upon is crucial. God refers to himself as a Fountain of Living Water. His life-giving water is

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Our United States Constitution

Two hundred years ago, our Founding Fathers established a new nation and gave us our founding documents. The majority of men who wrote the Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights, and our United States Constitution were Christians (though many would like to argue that fact). These faithful men used Biblical principles to write these documents and

Don’t Slander My God

Have you ever heard something on the television or radio that had you yelling at the speaker? Well, I have and I did. We were watching a popular program when a man blamed God after someone was murdered. The man went on to say, it shook his faith. The character felt God should have stopped

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