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Mind control versus Free Will

Several stories, on television today, show difference kinds of mind control in the popular imaginary dramas. Whether through teaching the young radical ideas, chipping each person and taking away their free will, or forcing them to submit through coercion, or indoctrination. The general idea is people are influenced to think a certain way. The question

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Free Will can lead to Adam and Eve Moments

What is an Adam and Eve Moment? It is a time when you are deceived. As a result, you turn your back on what you know to be true, believe the lie, and make a wrong decision. Or it can be a moment when you know you shouldn’t do or say something and you make

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Don’t Slander My God

Have you ever heard something on the television or radio that had you yelling at the speaker? Well, I have and I did. We were watching a popular program when a man blamed God after someone was murdered. The man went on to say, it shook his faith. The character felt God should have stopped

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Free Will

Free will:  Merriam-Webster definition  1. The ability to choose how to act, the ability to make choices that are not controlled by fate or God. 2. Freedom of humans to make choices that are not determined by prior causes or divine intervention. In some Christian circles, Free Will only deals with salvation. Others don’t believe

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Flee to Jesus

When times get hard and we are suffering, we have two choices…blame or Flee to Jesus/God. I remember a time in my life (fifteen years ago) when we lost our business and our home. I felt in my heart of hearts, God could have turned things around. Yet, he did not. I was angry. I