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Faith is not for the Faint Hearted

Many societies around the world think Christians are weak and use faith as a crutch. Our culture ridicules and belittles all people of faith, but a special hatred is aimed at Christians and Jews. The reality is we get great strength from Jesus. Through our faith in him we can stand against all who might

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If Jesus doesn’t rescue your loved ones

If Jesus doesn't rescue your loved ones, from illness, accident, terrorism or any other calamity, will you still serve him? It's a question you need to consider. For this writing though, we will address just the difficulties the signs of the times suggest could be around the corner...terrorism and persecution. We hear things about the

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Why do I struggle?

Glorious Wonderful Savior and Lord, With a grateful heart, I praise You for Your many blessings. I’m awed by Your mercy and grace for I’m so unworthy. Yet, You love me. You came, taught, died and rose again…for me…and all who believe, past, present and future.  Through Your sacrifice we are reconciled to our Father

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What Voice do You Listen to?

There are ideas, comments, understandings, interpretations, and thoughts floating around us every day. What voice do you listen to? How do you weed out the important stuff from the unnecessary stuff? How do you discern truth from fiction or lies? As the times become darker, we’ll need to be much more discerning than we have

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