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What can we expect in the days ahead?

Let’s begin by saying, no one knows what we can expect in the days ahead, except God alone. That said, we can look at the signs of the times and make some observations. 2 Timothy 3 (passage below) explains the attitudes of people we need to avoid, especially in the End Times. Unfortunately, this scripture

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Are Preppers crazy?

Last week, we talked about what we can tell people when they think we are crazy for prepping. We didn’t mention there is a large group of Christians, who agree we are nuts. They believe that God will take care of everything, so we don't have to prepare for anything. So are preppers crazy or

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How are your preparations coming?

For more than a year, we have talked about making preparations for the dark and evil days ahead. How are your preparations coming? Have you purchased Heirloom seeds? Have you started gardening? Learning what grows well in your area and what does not? What about fruit trees? Have you planted any? They can take years

Preppers: Is Your Cup Half Empty or Half Full?

We have all met people who go through life always complaining or whining or feeling sorry for themselves.  These cup half empty folk never see the blessings in their life. On the flip side, I’m sure you’ve met the half full individuals as well. These are those who look for the bright side and thank

Prepare Your Heart – Part 2

Writing about preparing your heart for hard times ahead can bring disagreement between Christian groups as well as unbelievers. Some of us think self-defense and preparation will be necessary. Others trust God will provide all our needs. The first group believes we must defend ourselves and many in the latter group promote peace at all