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Open Your Heart to Wisdom

We stand at a cross road in our country. We hear voices coming from different directions that will lead us down very different paths. Some are positive voices of wisdom and faith, others are negative and filled with doubt, and even more are lies designed to deceive. Wisdom comes from Father God. He imparts wisdom

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Stumbling Block

Have you ever had anyone question your Christianity? Someone questions your faith because you didn't do as they thought you should, they say you aren’t a good Christian? As a result, their words become a stumbling block to your Christian walk? This happened to me and it rattled me to the core. But whose moral

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Choose God’s Wisdom

In the current age of enticing philosophies, legalistic religions, and the feel good messages the world has to offer, Proverb’s scriptures are timeless and speak powerfully in the age in which we live. It is one of the most powerful books in the Bible. It encourages us to choose God’s wisdom over the ideologies and

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Through Faith We Can Know Jesus and God Exists

In all our studies and experiences of life, can we really know God exists? Many in our world today say, no. They may believe in God, Jesus, or another deity, but voice their doubts, they don’t really know for sure. Because we cannot prove our beliefs with physical proof, they will not accept God and

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Never Lose Hope: Boot Camp for Christians

In war, some battles are won, others are lost. Our spiritual battle is fought daily, and we too win some and lose some. But it’s important when we fail, we stand up brush ourselves off, get back on track, continue to fight the good fight, and never lose hope. Satan is a formidable force, he’s

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Helmet of Salvation: Boot Camp for Christians

Helmet of Salvation guards our minds from outside influences that would pull us from Jesus. The belief, Jesus is the Son of God coupled with the salvation and forgiveness of sin he provides, sets us apart from the world. What Jesus did on the cross, taking our sins and punishment, and our firm belief he

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Boots of Peace: Boot Camp for Christians

Contrary to popular belief, the Boots of Peace,  (Boots of the preparation of the gospel of peace) is not preaching peace throughout the world, rather it’s our understanding, this piece of our Spiritual Armor is peace is available between God and man (which includes both men and women) through faith in Jesus Christ. It’s the

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