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Sharing Your Prepper Concerns (Part 2)

+6 Last post, I shared our reasons for being a prepper. I noted several concerns no one can refute. Everyone can see the out of control spending and ‘give me’ attitudes of so many of our countrymen and women. I feel we need to share with others the reasons we think there will be hard

Reminder Order Your Heirloom Seeds

This post is a reminder order your Heirloom Seeds? Many have already started their seeds, some in warmer climates already have plants in the ground. In our neck of the woods, we are still too early to plant. I spent time yesterday ordering seeds. I like a company called:  Anne’s Seeds.  It is a

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The road to Self-reliance, Preparing for Hard Times

Self-reliance one of your goals?              Encouraging people to prepare for hard times ahead is easy, but the actual road to self-reliance is not. It takes time and money. Both are hard to come by these days. So I have a few suggestions where to start. Buy extra food whenever

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