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Spiritual Attacks

Walking with Jesus puts a target on your back in the world and spiritually. Anger and hostility toward Christians in the media, entertainment in the movies and TV shows, and by verbal attacks from the left and others around the world have been on the rise for many years. But a great number of Believers don’t acknowledge they are under #spiritual attacks as well.

I can remember in church as a child, we were taught Satan worked hard to keep people from believing in Jesus. They focused on the war for the hearts and minds of people. Yet, very little was said about the #spiritual attacks Satan and his cohorts lodge against saved by the Blood of Jesus Believers everyday.

It is important we understand our enemies, both in this world and those in the spiritual realm. They hate Christians and will do whatever they can to trip us up…cause us to fall into sin or stumble in our calling to love God, love people, and serve both.

People in the world use words in their attacks, as a rule. You are a racist, a homophobe, Islamophobia, haters, and small minded. Of course, this is just the short list, their name calling is extensive and if they run out, they make up more. We are accused of wrong doing whether it’s true or not. The age old, ‘Christianity is a crutch’ and ‘only the uneducated, ignorant, and foolish believe in God’ are frequent themes in a world of manmade philosophies.

The #spiritual attacks of Satan and his minions are harder to put your finger on, not as easy to recognize. Do not underestimate them. They whisper evil into our thoughts in hopes you will accept them as your own and act upon them in a negative way. They come as angels of life hoping to pull you into darkness. They distort the truth and beguile us with false promises and enticements.

Remember, Jesus gave us (every believer) power over the evil ones. Jesus has already won the battle against them, but until he returns, we too will have our skirmishes. Invoke his name and command them to leave and they must depart. That doesn’t mean others won’t return, but we have the power to resist temptation and run to Jesus.

All Believers must understand, the battle is real, spiritual attacks will come. However, the Lord is our strength. Prayer and the Word of God are our weapons. No matter what kind of #spiritual attack you face, Jesus will never leave or forsake you.

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