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Shield of Faith: Boot Camp for Christians

The Shield of Faith is one of the most important pieces of our Spiritual armor. Faith in Jesus, even as tiny as a mustard seed, can shield us from forces and ideologies that could diminish or sabotage it. As our faith grows our shield increases as well. However, without faith, we cannot please God and we are empty shells just going through the motion of living.

Our Shield of Faith is our protection from the selfish and perverted world in which we live. It will help us turn away from these destructive attitudes and behaviors as we walk with our Lord.

In addition, Satan and his minions send a barrage of fiery darts at Christians everyday. They attack with jabs of doubts and condemnation. They plant thoughts like, ‘You will never be good enough,’ ‘God will never forgive you,’ and ‘God cannot love a sinner like you.’ These are lies and could not be further from the truth. Satan will do anything to kill, steal, and destroy our faith. The truth is God will forgive any sin if you ask.

When Adam and Eve disobeyed, their sin created a barrier between God and the humans he created. Sin corrupted their soul. The Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, planned a way to restore the hearts of those they created and loved.

Jesus came as fully God and fully human. He lived a holy and righteous life. On the cross he took the punishment for sin…death…total separation from God. His blood paid the price for all sin: past, present and future. Satan and minions thought they won the battle and rejoiced as Jesus hung from the cross. They howled with delight when he died.

But Jesus was not done, he went to hell. He defeated Satan and his evil spirits when he broke the chains of sin that bind the human heart and leads to total separation from Father God forever. Then he rose from the grave to free all who believe in him and obtain eternal life with Father God.

Despite all Jesus has done, Satan and his minions will not give up until the bitter end. They will tempt us to sin and make poor decisions. They try to bring doubt and confusion into our lives. Their ultimate goal, get people to turn from Jesus. This makes our shield of Faith is extremely important.

Brothers and sisters, we cannot lower our shield at any time. Our faith is our protection from the evils around us and the constant arrows our enemies throw. Faith comes through hearing and studying the word of God. We urge you to never drop your guard and work to increase your faith day by day.

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