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Renewing Your Mind

Renewing your mind is part of becoming a disciplined follower of Jesus. We are raised in a secular world. Science, education, false religions, and philosophies of liberals and conservatives influence our thoughts. People, without Jesus Christ, are hopelessly confused, full of darkness, have closed minds, hard hearts, and many don’t care about right or wrong. Many have given themselves over to impurity and immoral acts. Each person does what they believe is right in their own eyes. They do not consider God at all…at least until their minds are renewed to God’s ways.

Once our salvation is secured through our simple faith in Jesus Christ. We receive the Holy Spirit, our new nature (removal of our stoney heart, replaced by a heart open to Father God) takes place, and the renewing of our minds to the ways of Father God begins. Our thoughts should be focused on whatever is pure, righteous, holy, loving and of a good report. Our attitudes and words should be considerate, kind, uplifting, and encouraging. No untruth should ever cross our lips. Anger should not control us. Stealing should never take place. Believers should hold honest work. Be generous. Never use foul or abusive language. Get rid of bitterness, rage, anger, harsh words, slander, malicious behavior. Instead have a tender heart, be loving and forgiving.   

The renewing of our minds is a continual process that will last a lifetime. The world is very intrusive. Without realizing it we can allow it’s ideas to push aside Father God’s ways and thoughts. It’s easy to justify small violations or what we consider small sins. Just think about the last time a car cut you off on the roadway or you got angry at a family member. We can easily revert to our old patterns and worldly ways. There may even be a time when you make a really horrible decision. You might say something impulsive or do something unloving or hateful. When it happens and it will, stop, ask forgiveness, and turn back to God.
Then resume the path God has placed you on. 

The world scoffs and ridicules Christians, but God’s ways leads to a life of joy, happiness and ultimately eternal life. The world’s ways lead only to pain, upset, and finally death and separation from God forever. There is no question…an eternity with Father God is worth the effort. 

Ephesians 4:17-24 (AMP) 

For Becoming a Disciplined Follower of Jesus Part 1:

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