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Our Personal Surrender

My husband and I are in our fifties. Throughout our lifetime, we have enjoyed relative peace in our country. As we grew up the neighborhood was our playground. There were bad things that happened, but they were the exception not the rule. There was no road rage, people knew their neighbors, and when we got in trouble in school the teacher punished us. When we got home, we were punished again. We sang Christmas carols, prayed in school, recited the pledge of allegiance and meant it. We loved our country…the home of the free and the brave.

We looked forward to our senior years with the idea we would rest from our labors and enjoy our family. We would spend time doing volunteer work wherever God led us. All that changed when God gave us the vision of hard times ahead. As we looked back and saw the loss of our freedoms through the years, we realized what could be ahead.

In our surrender to God and the vision, we had to give up that idea of an easy relaxed lifestyle in our older years. Instead we plan to go back to basics. There is a lot of work doing this…work we never thought we’d have to do again. Yet, we see hatred for conservative people escalating. Government is regulating and passing laws that take our freedom. We have over half our population on some kind of government support. That is something no nation can sustain. They spend money at an alarming rate creating debt that will make us slaves to the state. As a result, we have surrendered to the idea life will change as we know it. Our plan for now is to continue to work as long as we can. In the meantime, we are preparing for what we believe will come. We are growing our network of like-minded people. Our plan is for a community of believers to work with us. We believe we must band together sometime in the future for our survival and protection.

Next week, I will line out what we are planning. Do you have a plan? What is it? It’s important to have a plan. Write it down. It may mean the difference between living or dying. It might be easier to die, but until God takes us home, we plan to do everything we can to provide for our future and that of our family and brothers and sisters in Christ.

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