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Our Lamb and Our Lion

Jesus is our Lamb and our Lion. We all have heard the stories calling Jesus the Lamb of God. He came to earth in humility…in human form to redeem us from sin. The goal to reestablished a relationship between Father God in Heaven and his creation, men and women, led the list of tasks Jesus came to do. As he did the work his Father, Jesus walked in love. He taught us how to please Father God. He healed the sick, deformed, and injured. He forgave our sins and died in our place on the cross of Calvary. Jesus, to be the lamb, the sacrifice for sin.

In our churches today, ministers and pastors preach and teach of peace. They stress Jesus came to bring peace to a hate filled world. I believe the true peace he came to restore was between God and man. He came to create a bridge from sinfulness to righteousness with grace as the framework to span from one side to the other. God knows there will be no true peace on earth as long as Satan and unbelievers are free to roam….to kill, steal and destroy. We all know Satan’s goal is to keep as many as possible from the love of Father God. As a result the darkness grows each day and sin abounds.

Someday (soon we hope), Jesus will return, when he does he’ll return as a Lion. He will not come back in the humble gentle manner he came the first time. This time he will come in majesty and might. The evil will be destroyed. Justice will prevail.

I remind you of all of this for a reason. We are to be loving and kind just like Jesus. But the time will come when we too must become Lions. When the dark days surround us, we will have to become mighty in strength (through Jesus) to protect our families and friends from evil people. Just has Jesus changes…we will have to also.

Jesus does not lose his love nor does it diminish in any way, but part of loving is protecting and defending. Just as this is part of his character, it’s part of ours as well. After all, we are created in his image. Throughout the Old Testament, God’s people fought for their homes. In the New Testament, Jesus told the disciples the world hated him and will hate them too. He told them if they did not have a sword, they were to buy one. Jesus warned them…they would have to defend themselves. I have no doubt we will have to defend and protect ourselves also when the time comes.

We need to set our thoughts on the changes ahead. I have no doubt it will be difficult. In our modern times, we have police and military to defend and protect. Yet, what happens when they cannot or will not help? What happens when someone comes to your home to steal your supplies and leave your family destitute?

We encourage you to prepare your hearts now as we balance love with defense and protection.

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