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Open Your Heart to Faith

In our society today, many live their lives without faith in God. Why do they risk living without faith in Jesus and its promise of eternal life? It seems better to open your heart to faith, yet more and more people actively fight against the idea of God and Jesus. As a believer, I find that very hard to understand. It costs nothing to take the step of faith and believe. So why not do it?

Looking at friends and acquaintances who are atheists, I’ve come to understand it’s a hardness of their heart that causes them to close their minds to Jesus. Many of them have suffered with pain, disillusionment, illness, loss of a loved one, influence of unbelievers, or simple pride. They look for alternatives to help them understand the hardships in life as well as the good. As a result, they put their faith in a combination of themselves, family, work, government, man’s philosophies, or false religions.

It’s extremely important, as a believer in Jesus, you guard and open your heart to faith. Allow it to remain open no matter the circumstances…good times or bad. It’s easy to loose sight of the truth when tragedy strikes and even easier to blame Father God or listen to voices who blame Him. It bears repeating, Father God is not the author of our pain, suffering, illnesses, or loss. He loves us too much. Yet, believers are not exempt from bad things, they occur as a part of life. But Jesus walks with us through the storms of life and on the darkest days, He carries us. We simply must believe…have faith.

As days continue to darken, continue to open your heart to faith. Hold onto Jesus with all your might. In the relative calm we have now, it’s hard to imagine the evil lurking around the corner. But a prepared heart will weather the storms ahead and allow us to draw our strength from our only hope…Jesus Christ, Father God’s only Son.



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