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Time for National Healing

The election is over. It’s time for national healing. Every citizen of the United States needs to get past the anger and upset between neighbors and countrymen. The division, caused by differences in conservative and liberal ideology, needs to take a back seat to our love for our country, our desire for peace, and national healing in our nation. qtq80-nXTS0v

The accusations of racism, thrown around for the past several years, needs to be set aside. No true believer in Jesus is racist. We understand God created us, and he chose our color. In fact, there is no male or female, no black or white or brown. We are all loved by Father God and equal in his eyes. Father God has no favorites. In turn, we must love one another. We need to remember, it isn’t racist to disagree on politics…left or right. It’s just a difference of opinion.

As believers, forgiveness and understanding must be our guide toward national healing. We must focus on the positive things our country has going for it. We are a generous people. When natural disasters occur anywhere, here or abroad, Americans give millions of dollars to help. Numerous folk travel to the affected areas to help with medical assistance, temporary housing, cleanup, and rebuilding. We are willing to donate time and money to help others in our communities who need help. We are an industrious nation. Most people want to work and are willing to do what is needed to support our families.

As a rule, we are a tolerant people. We don’t all agree on every aspect of life…the choices people make, but most of us understand each of us has free will to choose their own path and in this country the freedom to do it. This is something we all want to preserve.

Most citizens are good and upright, we simply have a different vision for our country is headed and how to get there. In the past, we have celebrated our differences, it’s one of the things that has made us great and we’ve been stronger for them. God created each of us as individuals with the ability to reason and think…to look at the facts and decide our course of action for ourselves. We need to return to the understanding, diversity is good. We need to relearn how to listen, exchange ideas, and compromise.

Don’t let differences in politics and philosophies create division between us. Life is too short and would be very boring if we were all alike. Let us join together to accept the results of this election, it’s time for national healing. Let’s support the new government and pray for all our leaders. God Bless America, the land that we love.

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  1. Lynn Stone November 13, 2016 at 9:59 am - Reply

    I have not discussed political differences with anyone – including family because not only would it not be appreciated, but it would take so much time to fully explain the history of the democrat party which we learned thru watching the movie “Hillary’s America” , as well as explain what the “progressive” movement entails and why. People have been firmly convinced of their positions politically for a long time. Young people especially, like to go with what seems popular and hip and it is compounded by their not knowing history, or understanding things like “shadow gov’t” or the “illuminati” or the “globalists”. Those idealologies don’t enter into their universe. Then there is Wikileaks which have yet to be addressed due to the treason, murders, sex crimes they uncover in high places, and have an accurate track record as being factual, which reveal the picture of a crime family that makes up not only Hillary’s camp, but infiltrates much of all branches of our gov’t. When Trump says we need to drain the swamp, he is referring to the corruption that is entrenched there. There has been much said about the 45th president and one video I link here, brings just a snippet of interesting coincidence into play:

    • Donna Benson November 13, 2016 at 5:23 pm - Reply

      Thank you, Lynn, for your comment. I have tried hard not to push my political view though I’m sure everyone knows which way we voted. However, we must pull together as a nation. Love and patience are the keys. Hopefully people will at least accept the change in leadership once they actually take office.

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