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The Japanese art of Kintsugi is taking broken pieces of pottery and reconstruct the pieces using glue mixed with gold. The procedure fixes the damage and leaves the pot with a pretty gold filled seam. It enhances both the appearance and the value of the piece. It also returns the pot to usable and water tight condition. My question to you is: Do you live a Kintsugi life?

In the Bible, God’s people are called vessels or pots. Father God is the potter and we are the clay. He created us beautiful and lovely (in His image). But as life goes by we can become damaged through hurtful or sinful events in our lives. Cracks occur in our heart through illness, loss, pain. Many things can damage us in ways no one can see. These cracks affect our spirit and reduce our ability to do God’s will.

The principal of Kintsugi art gives us great insight into how God deals with us. When applied to our lives, it becomes a beautiful story of restoring our brokenness using the gold of His loving kindness. All the cracks in of our lives are fully restored with our acceptance of the love God has for us. His mercy and grace is more than sufficient to repair any hurt, pain, or mar resulting from the sins, shame, regret that caused those cracks in our being. Just as in the broken pottery in Kintsugi art, the broken pieces of our life come back together with the glue of God’s love holding it together. The once ugly broken life is revived and becomes a beautiful, functioning, and strong existence through the power of the love of God.

All we have to do is believe in Jesus, rest in Him, and allow Him to do the mending. If we try to do the patching in our own strength, our vessel…our life can either crack again leaving us worse than before or leak badly reducing our strength and effectiveness. With the glue of God’s loving kindness, we can and will become whole again…stronger than before. Then, we can do the work of Jesus, working through His power and strength not our own.

Part of preparing for the future is learning to rest in God/Jesus. We cannot do all the planning, preparation and work in our own power. Well, we could, but why would we want to when we can rest in Jesus. He will guide and direct us if we only allow Him to. So there’s no reason to go it alone. Besides, the results are greatly improved with God on our side. Humans have a long history of trying to go it alone, only to fall flat on our faces. Yet, the Bible shares many normal everyday folk doing extraordinary things through God’s power and strength in their lives.

I encourage you to turn your life over to Father God. Seek His guidance. Rely on Him and others who walk with Him to assist you. A three cord rope is stronger than a single one. Consider yourself one part of the rope, others who are like-minded the second, and Father God as the third. When you do, you’ll be strong and sure as you walk along.


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