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Jesus, a Tea Bag for Life

Have you ever watched a tea bag as the tea steeps into the water? Light brown tendrils flow from the bag into the water spreading until the clear liquid is no longer clear but golden brown. The longer the bag remains in the fluid, the darker and darker in color and richer and richer in flavor the liquid becomes. This reflectss how our life starts with Jesus.

At first only minor changes can be seen in our lives. As time goes on and Jesus seeps into our life, He brings changes into our life. Maybe we stop cussing, smoking, or gossiping. Perhaps we are kinder, more patient or giving. Whatever the differences are the flavor of our life is changing and will continue every day until our life on earth is over.

Jesus via the Bible is our tea bag. The more we pray, hear, read, mediate upon and study the Word, the more changes come into our life. If we stop seeking Jesus Christ, it’s like removing the tea bag. Over time the tea becomes weak. However, if we renew the bag (Bible)…return to our Lord, the flavor becomes strong again.

If we dilute our life with cares, worry, busyness of life, or vain human philosophies, we’re again in danger of becoming spiritually weak. Yet again, the problem can be reversed by simply getting back into the Bible: hearing, reading, study the Word, and a strong prayer life.

There is one more variable I want to throw in. What happens when you add another tea bag to a cup? A different kind of tea to your cup? Does it change the flavor? The color? For good or bad? What about cream or sugar? We must to guard our heart and not allow another message to change our walk with Jesus. He and He alone is our way to Father God. If we add to the truth of Jesus Christ or listen to voices that don’t come from our source the Bible, we are in danger of changing the final brew. We must take care to discard anything that doesn’t ring true or does not line up with the core of the message the Bible presents.

This brings us to your free will choice. Do you want a deep faith in Jesus to flavor your life? Or will you settle for a weak watered down taste? The closer you walk with Jesus, the richer fuller essence you will have.

The main point is: you must allow Jesus to steep into your heart and mind. Anything less will bring weakness to your life instead of a strong vibrant flavor.

On the lighter side, Bob considers a hamburger tells a better example. Jesus is the meat. We are the bun. Then you add hearing (pickles), reading (lettuce), study (mayo/ketchup), and action (onion), your sandwich is full of flavor. When you bite in and juices run down your arm, you can really savor the richness of flavor. More importantly, you can eat all the spiritual hamburgers you want because becoming fat in the spirit (full of faith) and completely dedicated to Jesus is a very good thing. 


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