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Helmet of Salvation: Boot Camp for Christians

Helmet of Salvation guards our minds from outside influences that would pull us from Jesus.

The belief, Jesus is the Son of God coupled with the salvation and forgiveness of sin he provides, sets us apart from the world. What Jesus did on the cross, taking our sins and punishment, and our firm belief he constantly intercedes for us, gives us the strength to draw from his power and it gives us ability to do his will here on earth.

Through Jesus, our born again spirits are alive to Father God. He sends the Holy Spirit to indwell each believer. From him we receive discernment, insight, and guidance for our daily lives. He protects us from worldly ideas and philosophies that can cause us to stumble. He helps us see through the deception, selfishness, and greed that are prevalent in man’s views.

The world’s view, prevalent in our society, would have us believe, each person can decide what’s right in our own eyes. Yet, governments pass laws, rules, and regulations, then require us to follow them. They set codes for moral behavior and acceptance. They choose what is right or wrong. Sadly, it changes on their whims or those of society.

Believers in Jesus accept, Father God is righteous and holy. His ways are not man’s way and are far superior to man’s ways. The Ten Commandments give us a list of Godly requirements for dealing with people around us. In addition, Jesus said, ‘Love the Lord, thy God with all your heart, soul, and mind and love your neighbor as yourself.’ This path leads to life. The world’s way of life leads to death.

Walking the paths of God instead of those of the world, will guarantee we will never be accepted or liked by society. Those in the world reject God, and do not like our scorn and distain for their ideas and beliefs. This will only get worse as darkness descends upon the world.

We are warned even the elect of God can be deceived in the End Times. We encourage you to be steadfast in your faith in Jesus. It’s important you firmly secure your Helmet of Salvation and stand firm in your salvation. Do not stray from God’s path.

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