Detox is a buzz word today. We are told to detox our bodies with this pill or that diet to clean out the build-up of toxins in our system. But what about our hearts and minds? Christians need a spiritual detox on a regular basis. With the New Year close at hand, this would be a great time to begin.

Why detox? Because we’re bombarded with the world’s ideas and philosophies on a daily basis. If we allow them to build up in our hearts and minds, they can pull us down and cause unbelief or doubt to creep in.

This is especially true for students. Professors and teachers press their ideology everyday. It is not enough for them to give instruct on a subject, their prejudice and worldview influence what they teach their pupils. Some even go so far as to demand students set aside their own thoughts and beliefs and adopt the educator’s point of view…on everything. There is no longer the ability to form one’s own opinion. The reality is, educational institutions used to be a place where creative thought and open-mindedness were encouraged. This is no longer true in most places of higher learning.

These viewpoints follow us into our careers and employers enter the equation. These bosses write their ethics codes with their beliefs in mind. Unfortunately, most workplaces do not have Jesus as their foundation and the world’s views are in direct conflict with those of a Holy God.

Unfortunately, sometimes even churches teach things in direct violation of the Word of God. Traditions, doctrine, incomplete/incorrect understanding, or manipulation of scripture can pull believers from the truth.

For these reasons, disciples of Jesus must detox their hearts and minds on a regular basis. We must get back to our foundation…our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. The Bible is our instruction book. It and it alone must be our teacher. We can listen to and learn from pastors, ministers, and teachers, but what they say must line up with God’s Word. We must remove the toxins of misinformation, bad instruction, lack of faith, unbelief, world views and philosophies, false religions, and anything else that can pull us from the love of God.

How do we spiritually detox? Prayer, repentance, purging our heart from the world’s ideology, and seeking God removes the barriers between you and our Father in Heaven. If you encounter something especially difficult…you may need to fast and pray.

In the dark days ahead, our spiritual battle will grow in magnitude and we need to be free of all hindrances. The still small voice of the Holy Spirit will guide and direct us into all truth if we listen. We must learn to discern his voice from the other voices around us.

Take time each day in the New Year to meditate on Jesus. Ask him to help to identify any toxin that would poison you to his love and truth.

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