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Count Your Blessings

When life serves up difficulty after difficulty or hurt after hurt, we humans tend to look at the negative instead of seeking the positive. We challenge you, when life beats you down, count your blessings and praise God instead.

Sometimes our personal lives can throw us a curve ball and things don’t turn out the way we envisioned them. It’s in those times, we can look at life as though our cup is half empty or half full. It is so much more positive to be half full. The same can be said about our work life as well.

We are truly blessed to live in this time in history. We have running water, inside plumbing, central heat and air, grocery and department stores, paved roads and freeways, knowledgeable healthcare professionals and the list goes on. Even the poorest among us, here in the US, has it better than many around the world. Here, most have a roof over their heads and food in their bellies. This is not true for everyone around the world. This is a blessing whether people want to accept it or not.

My point is: we are not promised a life without struggles, pain, or hurt. There is no person on earth, past, present or future that will not have something happen that has not caused or will not cause upset and upheaval in their life. But how you deal with that situation makes all the difference.

Whether you believe in God or not, staying positive will make a huge difference on your outlook. However, with Jesus, you can handle things even better because we have His love, help, presence. Believers are encouraged to cast all our cares upon Him and He will help us.

Jesus loves us more than we can ever comprehend. He died to give us life and a hope for the future. Part of our worship and appreciation is walking in faith and remaining upbeat and positive. As the days become darker and darker, with more and more evil looming at our doors, remain steadfast in your faith. Jesus will never leave or forsake us.

This old hymn says it all. Please listen and be encouraged.

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