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Celebrate Jesus

Wednesday marks the day we celebrate the birth of Jesus. 

In the 2000 plus years since His birth, much has happened. The most important event (for me) is the rebirth of each person as they accept the truth Jesus came to bring…that God loves each person very much, so much that He sent His son to die in our place to restore our relationship. It is through our simple faith in Jesus we are saved. Upon our acceptance of Jesus, we are *reborn into the family of God…adopted as a son or daughter of our Heavenly Father. How wonderful! Celebrate Jesus.

Jesus is our friend. He is there to listen, offer advice and give comfort in times of trouble. He rejoices with us in our times of success and cried with us in our times of failure. He will never leave or forsake us. Celebrate Jesus.

Life in general can be hard. Yet, once we invite Jesus into it, we will never be alone again. Our Savior knows us intimately. He knows our inner most thoughts and desires…when those hopes are in line with Him, He works to make them come about. When things happen that bring pain or discomfort, He works all things to our benefit. Meaning He can and will turn things around. The hurtful event can lead to something positive in our life. Celebrate Jesus.

There are many things to celebrate in our life with Jesus. A life of hope, faith and love are at the top of the list. So as you celebrate Christmas this year, remember, Jesus is the reason for the season. He is the hope for the future and the source of our greatest contentment.

*Reborn means our old corrupt sin nature is removed. We receive a new spirit alive with the love of Jesus. We are now sensitive to the love of and for God and love for others.

Merry Christmas…Celebrate Jesus.

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