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Becoming a Disciplined Follower of Jesus – Part 1

Becoming a disciplined follower of Jesus Christ entails acknowledgement of your need for a savior, confessing your sins and submitting your life to Him. From there you must discipline yourself to adhere to God’s ways instead of the ways of the world. This sounds straight forward, but many new believers (and even longtime converts) struggle

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Who do you Imitate?

As little children, we learn from imitating those around us. Kids have special people, who love them and are extra special in their lives. Their attitudes and behaviors might be positive or negative, but either way they have an impression on the child and they will imitate it. Jesus is love. Believers should imitate his

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Flee to the Mountains Blog Site Update

Hello Readers, Flee to the Mountains blog is under going a blog site update. This blog was originally set up to promote our books: Flee to the Mountains, Miraculous Escape, and Daring Rescue. We are now under going a blog site update. Through the years, God expanded this site to encourage Christian Peppers to prepare

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Free Will can lead to Adam and Eve Moments

What is an Adam and Eve Moment? It is a time when you are deceived. As a result, you turn your back on what you know to be true, believe the lie, and make a wrong decision. Or it can be a moment when you know you shouldn’t do or say something and you make

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Christmas Love

Christmas is one of our favorite times of the year. We enjoy sharing Christmas love with strangers, family, or friends…anyone we see. A smile and holiday greeting brings a grin from most folks. It is part of celebrating the birth of Jesus and it brings warmth to our hearts. Each Christmas, we are reminded what

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Where’s there’s smoke there’s fire?

Have you noticed how many doomsday movies and shows on TV there are and wondered where there's smoke, there's fire? Some show our government watching our every move, others have government ruling with an iron hand. There’s even one about the End Times complete with Satan in human form. Of course, it uses parts of

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Thankful for God’s Blessings?

Are you thankful for God's for blessings? Throughout the Bible, God reminds his people of their need to be thankful and grateful. They are interchangeable. Both mean: to feel or show appreciation for a kindness; to express gratitude. He does not require this from us, God’s love is great, and he cannot help but pour

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