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You can do many things to prepare for hard times ahead. Canning, gardening, off-grid electrical measures and more suggestions on home preparations.

Through Faith We Can Know Jesus and God Exists

In all our studies and experiences of life, can we really know God exists? Many in our world today say, no. They may believe in God, Jesus, or another deity, but voice their doubts, they don’t really know for sure. Because we cannot prove our beliefs with physical proof, they will not accept God and

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Faith is not for the Faint Hearted

Many societies around the world think Christians are weak and use faith as a crutch. Our culture ridicules and belittles all people of faith, but a special hatred is aimed at Christians and Jews. The reality is we get great strength from Jesus. Through our faith in him we can stand against all who might

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Christianity is a relationship not a religion

General definitions of religion, along with many people lump all faiths of the world into the same basket. One can understand the lack of understanding because religions in general have many things in common. Religions have similarities to the Christian faith. They have a central figure of worship, laws or rules, a code of ethics

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Location doesn’t Matter

Last week we shared an article about many people moving to eastern Oregon, eastern Washington, Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana in preparation for the difficulties headed our way. We want to assure you, location doesn’t matter. What’s important that you listen to God and establish your sanctuary wherever he leads you. Our cousin purchased a farm

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Feel Behind in Your Preparations?

We met a man this week who believes as we do…the world is getting progressively worse and someday in the near future, it will crash. When it does, life as we know it will be over. This man’s problem…he’s just getting started and doesn’t feel he can get ready in time. He feels behind…do you

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Wait Upon the Lord

Believers hear ‘wait upon the Lord’ all the time. It’s a catch phrase among Christians…another way of saying, have patience. I can tell you mine is wearing thin. I suppose it’s my own fault. I prayed, ‘Lord, please give me patience as we wait to find the perfect property.’ I’ve spent time looking at homes

Christian’s Responsibility to Vote

Throughout the history of our great nation, the United States of American, we have had notable men who have stood up for our Christian faith and urged believers to take up the Christian’s responsibility to vote. The problem is, through the years, we as believers have lost sight of what we should be looking for

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