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A War Zone in Florida

Why does a natural disaster bring out the best and worst in people? The recent hurricane in Florida and Georgia did major damage to homes and businesses. Local residents say it looks like a war zone in Florida.  In the mist of the pain and suffering the locals lived through, there are many good and

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Through Faith We Can Know Jesus and God Exists

In all our studies and experiences of life, can we really know God exists? Many in our world today say, no. They may believe in God, Jesus, or another deity, but voice their doubts, they don’t really know for sure. Because we cannot prove our beliefs with physical proof, they will not accept God and

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Flee to the Mountains Blog Site Update

Hello Readers, Flee to the Mountains blog is under going a blog site update. This blog was originally set up to promote our books: Flee to the Mountains, Miraculous Escape, and Daring Rescue. We are now under going a blog site update. Through the years, God expanded this site to encourage Christian Peppers to prepare

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Where’s there’s smoke there’s fire?

Have you noticed how many doomsday movies and shows on TV there are and wondered where there's smoke, there's fire? Some show our government watching our every move, others have government ruling with an iron hand. There’s even one about the End Times complete with Satan in human form. Of course, it uses parts of

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Thankful for God’s Blessings?

Are you thankful for God's for blessings? Throughout the Bible, God reminds his people of their need to be thankful and grateful. They are interchangeable. Both mean: to feel or show appreciation for a kindness; to express gratitude. He does not require this from us, God’s love is great, and he cannot help but pour

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Time for National Healing

The election is over. It's time for national healing. Every citizen of the United States needs to get past the anger and upset between neighbors and countrymen. The division, caused by differences in conservative and liberal ideology, needs to take a back seat to our love for our country, our desire for peace, and national

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