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The Need for a Boot Camp for Christians

Have you ever wondered why there is so much darkness and pain in our world? How do we combat the evil that is growing? How do we defend ourselves in this spiritual battle and help others? The Bible teaches we have armor and weapons, but how do we use them effectively? The answers to these questions and more is why there’s a need for a boot camp for Christians.

For those of you who are unaware, when you prayed and asked Jesus into your heart, you joined the army of Jesus Christ. An unseen battle rages around us, God’s angels fight against Satan’s demons for the hearts and minds of men, women, and children all over the planet. All of us are in this spiritual battle whether we know and understand it or not. Those of you who were service men or women understand the discipline and skills boot camp gives. Let’s look at what Boot Camp is and why it’s required for all military recruits.

Boot Camp is basic training. It’s meant to help you mature into a highly disciplined and fully capable member of Father God’s army. It’s extremely intense instruction to help you learn about the Bible and Jesus Christ. In basic training, the drill instructors (pastors, ministers, teachers of the faith) are responsible to ensure believers learn about our Lord and Savior, understand who he is, why he came, why he died, that he rose again, and now sits on Father God’s right hand interceding for us. Everything begins with faith in Jesus and repentance of sins. We must stop here and clarify. Each person must come to Jesus as an individual. Then God adopts us into his family as a son or daughter, he deals with each of us directly. We have a one on one relationship with him. Once this is established, we become part of the body (the family/army) of Christ, yet we retain our own individual talents and abilities.

From there, the instructor teaches you how to care for yourself and others, functioning as a member of the body of Christ in order to achieve success together. Their continued instruction ensures believers are prepared to meet the everyday challenges and dangers on the spiritual battlefield. They give you the tools necessary to perform your tasks with the efficiency, courage and confidence to succeed in the face of an attack from our adversary, Lucifer, the devil and his minions.

Training includes prayer, praise and worship, application of Bible scriptures, use of the Fruit of the Spirit, our battle armor and the weapons of our warfare. Boot camp is mostly a mind game. It’s designed to take the world’s philosophies and beliefs out of you and replace them with God’s ways and thoughts.

It’s important you keep a good attitude throughout the lifelong training. Trials, tribulations, and spiritual battles are part of life. Our goal is to learn to move through them with love, grace, faith, and dependance on Jesus…knowing he will never leave or forsake us.  Your spiritual training should begin the minute you acknowledge Jesus as your Lord and Savior and ask him to forgive you for your sins. All believers need these skills to fight the good fight of faith. In case you are lacking in basis skills and discipline or need a refresher, during the next weeks we will attempt to take you through a Christian Boot Camp. Please comment with your thoughts as we share ours with you.

I need to acknowledge Stew Smith who wrote Military Boot Camp At a Glance posted at Since I never served in the US military, his article gave me insight and understanding of a true Boot Camp.

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