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A War Zone in Florida

Why does a natural disaster bring out the best and worst in people? The recent hurricane in Florida and Georgia did major damage to homes and businesses. Local residents say it looks like a war zone in Florida. 

In the mist of the pain and suffering the locals lived through, there are many good and wonderful people helping those suffering through the recent storm. Thank God for them. But there are also evil, self-serving people taking advantage of the chaos. This is
not new. Luting is always a major problem after a storm like this. 

However, there is a new problem. Through social media, some are luring unsuspecting people into dangerous situations. They post the need to find a relative or friend. When someone goes out it is either a hoax or trap. Someone waiting to hurt or steal whatever the good samaritan has brought to help others. 

Can you imagine what a nationwide disaster would look like in our country? How many people would be prepared for not only the devastation, but the evil of people around them? 

Society scoffs at Preppers because many of us choose to live in low populated places, self-sufficient lives, and off-grid. We hoard supplies and food for a time such as a natural disaster. Many people look down on anyone who own arms and ammo for protection. But the Preppers in the regions hit by this recent natural disaster are in much better shape than their neighbors. They will snap back much faster than others. 

We need to learn from these horrible events. Be sure you build your homes strong and sturdy. If you already own a home, make sure to reenforce the structure to withstand a major storm. Those who did…their homes are still standing. Have supplies and food ready long before they are needed. Be prepared to protect your home and family. And while we would like to help everyone, remember supplies only go so far. You must decide ahead of time how much you can help others and when to say no. 

Prepare your heart. Events out of your control can happen in the blink of an eye.

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