What are you going to do when all you know starts to collapse? How will you protect your family from people and starvation? We are here to help you on your journey.


Flee to the Mountains

The United States is on the brink of chaos, with terrorism threats and the persecution of Christians continuing to escalate. Devout Christians George and Elizabeth Hamilton receive a vision from God to prepare for very hard times.

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Daring Rescue

The United States is spiraling out of control and is on the brink of collapse. Widespread riots, along with food and gasoline shortages, have hit metropolitan areas hard. Blame and persecution then fall on all people of faith, particularly Christians. With the onslaught of drive-by shootings and arson now targeting churches, many are convinced that the time has come to find sanctuary in one of several, well-stocked shelters tucked away in the more rural, outlying mountains. Believers, after receiving a vision from God, took action and constructed small communities of refuge for a time such as this.

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Miraculous Escape

Evil, darkness, and chaos are spreading over the world. In preparation for the end of times, God gives many of his believers a vision to build safe havens— secret sanctuaries to protect Christians from persecution, hatred, and even death. These faithful visionaries establish ranches and small towns around the country, and God begins to lead his people to refuge.

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