Unintended Sin

As I continue my read through the Bible, I found verses about unintended sin in Leviticus. The Israelites were told to give a sin offering for unintended sin. In this case, God gave his people food laws to protect them. But it goes beyond just that. It covers mishandling the offering, choosing the wrong offering, or missing a dietary law. Bible

Thinking about this, I realized everyone sins unintentionally at one time or another. Verses in the New Testament tell us not doing good, when you know you should, is a sin. Looking at the opposite sex with lust or desire is sin. When we cross the line between concern to gossip, it’s sin. Our thoughts can cause us to sin. This is why one of the reasons we must take our thoughts captive. They should be uplifting, righteous, and good. If we don’t take control of our thought life, wayward thoughts can lead to unintended sin.

Whether we know we’ve sinned or not, changes nothing. It’s still sin and an offense to our Holy Father God. This is an even greater reason to run to Jesus. He takes all our sins, known and unknown, forever forgiven and dealt with. Then Jesus opens our eyes to our sin and gives us the ability to turn away from them.

Father God has spelled out sin. He gave us the Ten Commandments along with many scriptures covering behaviors God dislikes or urges us not to engage in. All of this helps to show though we may try to live a sinless life, we cannot achieve that goal alone. Unintended sin will creep in whether we realize it or not. Again, Jesus is the only remedy for the consequences of these sins. He alone can deal with them.

I praise God for this knowledge and our awareness to sin. It allows us to avoid pitfalls, traps, and snares. It allows our hearts to seek his guidance on a new level. He, in his wisdom and care, will lead us away from transgressions, especially unintended sin. We simply need to listen and follow his still small voice. We’ve all had times when we know God is telling us to do something. It’s time to listen. Though I must warn, Satan is crafty and will disguise his evil using the same method. Therefore, we must test what we hear. We must make sure what we hear lines up with God’s Word and his holiness.

Father God is our greatest supporter, Jesus our greatest friend, and the Holy Spirit our guide in this life. If we follow their lead we can avoid unintended sin and live a holy life…pleasing to our Father God.

Leviticus 4

James 4:17 (NIV)
17 Anyone, then, who knows the good he ought to do and doesn’t do it, sins.

Testing God and Complaining

Have you ever stopped to wonder why God put up with the Israelites? They were constantly testing God and complaining. He brought them out of Egypt after many plagues that made life difficult and deadly for the Egyptians, parted the Red Sea, only to have them testing God and complaining as they traveled to the Promised Land, saying, “Is God not with us?”

On first reflection, I though the Israelites were empty-headed. They watched the miracles performed over and over but still wondered if God would help them. They saw God free them from slavery, give them favor so that the Egyptians gave them wealth as they left, led them safely to the other side of the Red Sea, killed a pursuing army, and provided water and food. That seems to me a long list of provisions for the people God loved. So why couldn’t they see His care and worship Him for it? Same reason we can’t when we take our eyes off Jesus.

During trials and tribulations, problems can grow so big we can’t see past them. Many times we focus on the difficulty not to the solution. Our emotions get in the way of sound reason and faith. When our hope does not kick in, our spirits drop, and we test God and complain. It’s all part of being human.

Yet, we know our hope is in the Lord Jesus. He is our strong tower…our redeemer. He does not just redeem us from our sin and shame. He lifts or leads us out of the mire (difficulties and problems) and sets us on solid ground. But we have to keep our focus on Him. It is when we are diverted by circumstances and pain we can get distracted and lose our way.

In the days ahead, it will be more important than ever to keep Jesus in the forefront of our thoughts. Struggles and strife like we have never known will hit…if not us, those around us. Do not test God or complain. Simply, keep moving forward one step at a time toward our only hope, Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.

Ex 17: 7

Wandered in the Desert

It has been awhile since I read the Bible straight through, so I decided to begin at the beginning and allow God to open my eyes to anything new he might have for me. In Exodus 12-17, I found it interesting what complainers the Israelites were as they wandered in the desert.

God wanted to free them from their slavery. He sent Moses to lead them out of Egypt to the promised land. He went before them by day in a pillar of cloud and a pillar of fire at night. He guided them each step of the way. When they came to the sea and the Egyptian army pursued them, they panicked crying out to Moses. “What have you done to us bringing us out here to die? It would have been better to serve the Egyptians than die in the desert.” God had Moses raise his staff and stretch out his hand over the sea. The waters divided and the people walked across dry land. The Egyptians followed. When the Israelites were safe on the other side, Moses stretched out his hand and at daybreak the water went back to it’s normal flow. The entire Egyptian army perished.

That would have done it for me. All my doubts and fears would have fled with that miracle. Yet, the Israelites found things to grumble about. First, bitter water which God made sweet again. Second, they had no food. God sent manna. Third, they wanted meat. God sent quail. Later, they were thirsty and God provided water. When local people attacked, God gave them the victory. On and on it goes…people complained, God provided. No thanks, no gratitude, just whining.

Yet, don’t we do the same thing? When things don’t go the way we want them to…we blame God and cry out: “Why are you doing this to me?” God provides a home and we want a better one. He helps us get a job and we want a more profitable one. We wander in the desert looking for better and better things instead of resting in Father God and thanking him for what we have.

As dark days fall, we will have the tendency to whine and grumble. Don’t! Father God is with us and will guide and direct us each step of the way. Will it get hard? I have no doubt. In fact, I believe it will challenge our faith more than anything has in our lifetimes. But stand fast. Remember God never left the Israelites and he will never leave us.

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Daring Rescue

Miraculous Escape


Each of us are created an independent individual by our creator, Father God. He gives each of us talents, gifts, and personality. No two are alike in the entire history of humanity. He creates us in our mother’s womb. People of the world believe we a simply a product of our genetics and society. I beg to differ. It is God who designs us. His combination of attributes. Yet, inside we all have a single equal gift…free will. We have the ability to choose our own path in life.

Everyone is born with an inner knowledge of the creator. Family beliefs, societies, and circumstances draw us to Father God or push us from him. Yet, each has free will to follow the path of their choosing. He knows, from the beginning of each life, who will accept Jesus and his gift of salvation. He knows who will choose false religions and those who will go the way of the world and reject God entirely. Though he knows all of this, he still goes forward creating each new life.

Sometimes, I wonder why he bothers. Father God knows our end at the beginning, so why not stop evil in the womb? Just as I wonder why he allows evil and bad things to happen in our lives, but that’s not God’s way. He just loves us through the difficulties of life and sometimes makes lemonade out of lemons. His love for his creation is endless. However, free will dictates we have the right to make decisions for our lives. We can learn to trust God or curse him. Sometimes Father God steps in to help even without our asking. But more often than not, it is through prayer and fasting, he steps in. Many times, we don’t know he’s done anything…in fact it may feel like he’s not even there. But I assure you, God/Jesus is there every step of the way.

It’s important to understand Father God loves us and created us as we move toward the evils ahead because he has given each of us special gifts to help the ‘Body of Christ.’ None of us can do this alone. We need each other to survive and prosper. This is why we encourage you to find like-minded people. Though like-minded about the events ahead, each person comes with his or her own talents and skills. It will be important to draw upon those gifts to create a solid group.

We encourage you to seek out those you can work with. Those who are equally yoked with Jesus. Those who are preparing as you are. It will make a huge difference in the dark days ahead.

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Our Lamb and Our Lion

Jesus is our Lamb and our Lion. We all have heard the stories calling Jesus the Lamb of God. He came to earth in humility…in human form to redeem us from sin. The goal to reestablished a relationship between Father God in Heaven and his creation, men and women, led the list of tasks Jesus came to do. As he did the work his Father, Jesus walked in love. He taught us how to please Father God. He healed the sick, deformed, and injured. He forgave our sins and died in our place on the cross of Calvary. Jesus, to be the lamb, the sacrifice for sin.

In our churches today, ministers and pastors preach and teach of peace. They stress Jesus came to bring peace to a hate filled world. I believe the true peace he came to restore was between God and man. He came to create a bridge from sinfulness to righteousness with grace as the framework to span from one side to the other. God knows there will be no true peace on earth as long as Satan and unbelievers are free to roam….to kill, steal and destroy. We all know Satan’s goal is to keep as many as possible from the love of Father God. As a result the darkness grows each day and sin abounds.

Someday (soon we hope), Jesus will return, when he does he’ll return as a Lion. He will not come back in the humble gentle manner he came the first time. This time he will come in majesty and might. The evil will be destroyed. Justice will prevail.

I remind you of all of this for a reason. We are to be loving and kind just like Jesus. But the time will come when we too must become Lions. When the dark days surround us, we will have to become mighty in strength (through Jesus) to protect our families and friends from evil people. Just has Jesus changes…we will have to also.

Jesus does not lose his love nor does it diminish in any way, but part of loving is protecting and defending. Just as this is part of his character, it’s part of ours as well. After all, we are created in his image. Throughout the Old Testament, God’s people fought for their homes. In the New Testament, Jesus told the disciples the world hated him and will hate them too. He told them if they did not have a sword, they were to buy one. Jesus warned them…they would have to defend themselves. I have no doubt we will have to defend and protect ourselves also when the time comes.

We need to set our thoughts on the changes ahead. I have no doubt it will be difficult. In our modern times, we have police and military to defend and protect. Yet, what happens when they cannot or will not help? What happens when someone comes to your home to steal your supplies and leave your family destitute?

We encourage you to prepare your hearts now as we balance love with defense and protection.

Feel Behind in Your Preparations?

We met a man this week who believes as we do…the world is getting progressively worse and someday in the near future, it will crash. When it does, life as we know it will be over. This man’s problem…he’s just getting started and doesn’t feel he can get ready in time. He feels behind…do you feel behind as well?

When we first felt God telling us hard…bad times were ahead I wrote the first book, Flee to the Mountains and started this blog. Beyond that, we did little besides storing additional food and saving heirloom seeds. We lived on a 1/2 acre in a large home. Though it was my dream home, we didn’t have the acreage for a decent garden or any farm animals. Bob tried to talk me into selling, but I am stubborn. Sometime later, I dreamed again of the hard days coming and God clearly told me…sell. When I woke up, I cried, but I knew it was time. I told Bob…still crying and called the realtor. But all my procrastination but us behind, I see that now.

After we sold our house, we found our current home. We now have 12 acres, a house we just finished remodeling (spending way too much money), a 3 car garage, shop, and large storage building. Now we have to build a barn, chicken coop, and put up long stretches of fence in addition to a garden and greenhouse. I kick myself for not moving sooner. I caused us to fall behind. So I understand how the man we spoke with feels…how some of you feel.

My point in sharing this is to encourage you stay the course. Don’t get anxious or discouraged. No matter where you feel you are in your preparations just keep moving ahead. Decide what you will focus on first. Food storage? Dried foods, MRE, everyday normal foods? If you plan to simply increase normal stocks, simply purchase more than you need and rotate your stock. If you are going another direction, set a budgeted amount and spend that each week or month. Feel your current residence doesn’t give you the ability to garden? Make a plan to sell. Simply need to add useful building, a garden or greenhouse? Start making changes.

If you feel behind in your preparations, don’t panic, the reality is no one knows how long we have. Since this is the case, our advice to this man and to any of you who feel the same…do what you can and leave the rest to God. The point is try…do something. Only God knows the timetable. He knew I would drag my feet, he knew you might not get on board as soon as he would have liked. Yet he finally got us moving in the right direction. We simply need to submit to his plan and prepare.

We Need to Do Better

Have you met people who think Christians are bigoted, narrow-minded, judgmental, mean, and unfriendly? I have and we need to do better to love like Jesus does. Our Savior was never condemning, yet we all know Christians who are. Friends…that attitudes is making the rest of us look very bad. We cannot look away when others who call themselves Christians behave badly. We must stand for love and acceptance. No, I do not mean we have to accept sin or sinful behavior, but we must love in spite of the sin.

I’m as guilty as the next. I have trouble with the sins of some more than others. But God sees all sin equally. Unfortunately, we are the ones who put a scale on sin with some of them worse than others. To put it differently, to God all sin is bad. Lying is the same as stealing. Stealing is the same as sexual sin. Sexual sin is equal to gossip. Gossip is as bad as murder and so on. All sin corrupts our soul and is an affront to Father God. Jesus died for all sin. The punishment is the same…eternal separation from God. Acceptance of the gift of Salvation Jesus gives us is the only thing that will restore us into right relationship with Father God.

As believers…disciples of Jesus, we are his ambassadors here on Earth. Many of us are not doing a very good job showing His love to this dying world. Time is growing short and we need to share Jesus’s love with as many as possible. Unbelievers must see we are different in a good way, not a negative one.

We ask you make a greater effort to love others…even those we see as chronic sinners. We need to do better loving them. This will make it easier to share Jesus with them and that is the goal.

Declaration of Independence

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, that whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to affect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long-established should not be changed for light or transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shew that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for the future security.

These words marked the beginning of the United States of America. The majority of men, who fought to establish this nation, held deep seeded faith in their Creator. Judeo-Christian values influenced the process from the tiny seed of hope for a new nation, through the declaration of Independence, and the war fought to achieve their goal. Through the years, many men fought and died to preserve our freedom…for God and country.

At one time, God and his word were taught in our schools. Now Bibles have been removed, prayer banned, and any mention of God is challenged. Once the Ten Commandments were the corner-stone of our justice system. Now they’ve been removed from public display and stripped of their importance. There was a time, when running for public office, the person must be an honorable Christian man held in high esteem. Now, the character of a man or woman running for office matters little.

Our nation began with freedom of religion. Citizens lived their lives in service to God and country. People worshiped Him in whatever way they choose and others respected the right, even those who did not have faith. Today, it has turned to freedom from religion. People of faith are scorned, belittled, and criticized. Where our Christian faith was once celebrated and encouraged, we are now under attack from educational institutions, liberal groups, and even government.

Our nation has changed. Our truths are no longer self-evident. Many do not believe all men are created equal, and it is no longer accepted our Creator endowed us with anything. The unalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are now entitlements given by government. For many government is their god.

For years, our nation received the blessing of God. Many believe the blessing has been removed as our country moved further and further from Him. However, even if He has removed it from our nation, He will always bless His faithful.

Please join us in praying for our country. Our only hope for the future of the United States of America is to turn back to our roots….God our Creator. Without a return to God in this nation, we will continue down the path to destruction.


Part of preparing for hard times is learning how to survive after it hits. Since most of us agree money will be worthless, how will people trade goods and supplies? We have all heard those who push gold or silver. But my question, I can’t eat it or use it so what good will it be? Sure, there are things like taxes to pay (if there is anyone in your area to collect them). But in all likelihood, that will be far down the list on things people will worry about. Bartering is what we are going to focus on.

There are many websites about survival that talk about bartering. It would be good to check out as many as you can and learn what they teach. There are long lists of items they suggest you collect now so you can barter later. Many of these items are things you will need anyway.

It’s important to practice your skills at bartering before you need them. Like anything else, little skill means small results. The more you learn to barter, the better you and your family will be. Go to auctions, yard sales, flea markets, and the like where you can purchase things in different settings. It never hurts to lowball, but be willing to negotiate a realistic price. Every article I’ve read says, learn when to walk away. If someone is unreasonable, don’t buy from them.

I must admit, we are not prepared to barter. We plan to follow our own advice and begin to practice. We plan to start with small items as we learn to read faces and postures. If someone is closed, they will be harder to negotiate with. If they smile and dicker some, it will help you learn.

The following is a list of items we plan to collect for personal and barter use. There are many more, but this will get you started. God’s blessings as you prepare.

Medications – over the counter cough, cold, sinus, antibiotic ointments, sunscreens, lotions, vitamins, supplements. Anything you normally use on a regular basis.
Bandages/First aid supplies
Soap/detergents – bar soap, laundry soap, borax
Alcohol – any kind can be used for medicinal or drinking
Water bottles
Water filters. purifiers
Matches + Lighters
Toilet paper
Hand tools – hatches, saws, machetes, screw drivers, hammers, any other general tools
Garden tools – rakes, shovels
Feminine products
Diapers (cloth)
Coffee, tea
reading glasses
Plastic sheeting + Tarps
Duct Tape
Zip ties
Heirloom Seeds (store in a cool dry place)
Flash lights
Vinegar, baking soda
Empty spray bottles
Mylar blankets
sewing supplies
Yarn, needles
Rope, twine


Not sure why, but I feel an inner urgency I’ve never felt before. It’s an antsy feeling that things aren’t right and getting worse at a fast clip. It’s pushing us to step up our preparations. Is it warranted? You tell us.

In the past months, we have watched as the national and world economies shift back and forth, increased violence from extremists, and a segment of our population who wants more and more ‘free stuff’ not caring that we are teetering on bankruptcy. Please don’t get me wrong…there are people in our country who need help and we do need to give that assistance. But that’s just it…it needs to be assistance only. People must try to help themselves first, then we can supplement their income. We should not be doing it all for them on the government’s borrowed money.

Moving back to topic, so what are we doing in our preparations? When we sold our house and purchased a small farm property, we stopped buying ahead. We didn’t have a place to store them for a while. Now that we are settled, we plan to get back at it. We want enough food to feed our family for a minimum of a year, two or three would be better. We want to have in reserve anything that we would need that would be hard to get if things go bad.

First, increase our stores of food stocks, canning supplies, medical supplies, and other necessary items. Don’t forget items you may not need yourself, but things you can barter with. Second, get fences up for our garden and farm animals, build a barn and chicken coop, and build a cellar. Third, we need to establish our solar and wind power along with a backup propane generator. Last, meet our new neighbors and find out where they stand…who we can trust and who we will need to keep under a careful watch when things go bad.

Lots to do…limited money. So we keep plugging along doing what we can as we can afford to do it. We purchase two of each food item and other supplies, use one and put the other in reserve. Some weeks, little can be done. Others, we can put away much more.

The point is, do what you can. Don’t stop in frustration when you don’t feel you can’t do enough to really help. Make a list of the most important things you want to achieve, then start. Don’t let Satan discourage you. Don’t allow circumstances to dictate your course. Each can of food, each packet of heirloom seeds, anything you can put aside is good. Just do something. We do not know how much time we have. It could be days, weeks, months, or years. But the fact is, we all know something is on the horizon. God has given us this warning, please do not ignore it.

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Call to Boldness

Today, I shout a call to boldness. We are not timid weak people of faith. We are mighty in the Lord and we must begin to act like it. Four years ago I wrote the following.

When a man’s ways please the Lord, He makes even his enemies to be at peace with him. Proverbs 16: 7

When you are having trouble with people or an establishment your first step is to make sure you are pleasing the Lord. We are not to curse, speak negative words against them, or pray against people. We are to bless them. So, begin to pray for God to intervene in their lives. Ask God to help them to come to Him and know the Love of Father God, so that Love may dwell and be seen within them. Speak blessings over them. When you speak against people, you are working against God. Our Heavenly Father is a people person and gave His Son for ALL. Work with Him by speaking His Word over those who curse you, even if it is silently. Pray against the spirits that hold them in bondage and influence their lives.
Ephesians says: For we are not fighting against flesh-and-blood enemies, but against evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world, against mighty powers in this dark world, and against evil spirits in the heavenly places.

This was true when I wrote it and though it is still true today, much has changed. More than ever before, bad is proclaimed to be good and good deemed bad. No matter how society or the world sees things, we are called to: First, walk with God. Second, speak the truth in love. Third, brush the dirt from our feet and leave if others will not listen. Fourth, continue to pray for them. Fifth, stand firm against the evil so that it will not take root in our hearts.

The time has come to deepen our resolve to follow our Lord Jesus. We must strengthen our faith and beliefs. We cannot waver. Our country has turned from its roots in Jesus/God and its ways no longer please the Lord. Our enemy, both spiritual and physical, is bold. Their goal is total dominance and submission. There will be no peace with them. We can no longer reason with them. They call us intolerant, when in reality it is they who will not bend or listen to other ideas or thoughts. They cut us off without hearing a word. They are totally deceived. Therefore, we must prepare our hearts and minds for the battle. Our freedom is at stake. Freedom of speech, thought, ideas, beliefs, and religion. We cannot stand idly by. If we do, we will be over run by the ungodly: those with false religions seeking to dominate us, and others who believe government is god.

We must enter this spiritual battle, for the soul of our country, without a bad attitude or rudeness. We cannot be pushy and disrespectful of those who disagree with us. We cannot fall to their level. Yet again, I shout a call to boldness. We must stand together for truth, righteousness, and godliness.

Miraculous Escape

I am excited to announce my new book Miraculous Escape is now for sale on Amazon.com. The book is the next in the Flee to the Mountains series. Miraculous_eBook_new (2) (400x640) (125x200)

Just as Joanna Holton struggles to come to terms with the death of her husband in a drive-by shooting at her church, coordinated bombings hit several cities around the world with some in the US. In the aftermath, the government falls. The new government discards the Bill of Rights, the Constitution, and declares the only god is government itself. Omar Winston is made Regional Commander to the northwest region. He orders all Christian detained. Enforcers take Joanna and her sons from their home and jail them in a warehouse until they can be transferred to a detainment camp.The book follows their journey from freedom to captivity to ???

All of my books share the same central theme…get ready, prepare your heart, mind and homes…dark days are coming. No one knows when any of this might occur. We simply encourage you to begin your preparations today.

I want to thank each of you as faithful readers of this blog. Whether you read the book or not it is a privilege to share God’s warnings, words and encouragement each week. God bless you.

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Temptations are a fact of life. We all feel the pressure of temptation in areas of weakness. It even pushes against our strengths. Why? Because it’s Satan’s tool to bring guilt, shame, insecurities, and our ultimate destruction.

The good news is we are in the driver’s seat. We have free will to choose. We can buckle under to the pressure and fall…give into temptation, or stand strong and draw on our link with Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit and avoid the temptation.

Our enemy, Satan and his minions, are formidable opponents. He is the father of lies and deceit. His desire is to cause destruction and chaos in the lives of anyone who opposes him…anyone to accepts Jesus as Savior and calls God, Father. He wants to lessen our impact on the lost world because he wants as many of God’s human creation to end up in hell with him as he possibly can.

Unfortunately, humans can make the choice to follow Satan, just as we can choose to follow Jesus. Some do this deliberately. Others, by refusing to accept Jesus. The devil doesn’t worry about those who don’t believe in him or walk in false religions, he already has them. That isn’t to say none of those people can come to God, just that they aren’t on Satan’s immediate radar. He focuses on those of us who have heard the Word, are seeking God, actively serve the Lord, or have friends who are praying for their salvation.

I watched an apocalypse TV show recently. I believe the writers of the TV show have no idea who God/Jesus is, nor do they understand Satan and his goals. They show Satan as being friendly, benevolent when he wants to be. They depicted him fairly well, with one big exception. Satan wants all people to fall and end up in the lake of fire with him for eternity. He will deceive, lie, connive, and manipulate to give people a false idea of who he is. Anger, jealousy, and self-centered motives drive him to seek adoration, praise, and worship knowing full well if humans choose to do so they will die and be forever separated from Father God.

We must remember who Satan was before God kicked him out of heaven. Beautiful, talented and trusted, Lucifer was special to God. But he wanted adoration, praise and worship for himself and tried to rise above God. Instead of loving God and serving him, Lucifer (and many other angels who supported him) rebelled against God. As a result, they were cast out of heaven.

Satan and his minions hate us. They have always targeted believers. But as the dark days come, he will step up his attacks. You must prepare your heart and mind now. When temptations come…stand strong in the strength of the Lord.

Genesis 4:6-7 (NIV)
6 Then the LORD said to Cain, “Why are you angry? Why is your face downcast?
7 If you do what is right, will you not be accepted? But if you do not do what is right, sin is crouching at your door; it desires to have you, but you must master it.”

Where’s there’s smoke there’s fire?

Where there’s smoke there’s fire?

Have you ever noticed how many doomsday movies and shows on TV there are? Some show our government watching our every move, others have government ruling with an iron hand. There’s even one about the End Times complete with Satan in human form. Of course, it uses parts of the Bible, but they choose verses that fit what they want to say. All the shows come with numerous scenarios of mankind’s destruction, both nationally and worldwide. Have you ever wondered if where there’s smoke there’s fire?

We have seen the deterioration of our country and the erosion of our freedom over the past 100 years, but most of us realize the last twenty years the pace as picked up faster than the first 80 and in the past eight to ten years we are at a neck break speed downhill. If we continue to decline at this pace we are not far from total collapse very soon. There are numerous variables and levels of our demise. Everything from regional difficulties, national disruptions in transportation and supply lines, to total national or worldwide catastrophe.

Since I began writing, my sole purpose, through this blog and the Flee to the Mountain Series is to encourage you to prepare for this eventuality. Preparing your home, establishing a garden or a community garden if at all possible. We stress learning to can fruits, vegetables and meats, purchasing needed supplies ahead, like cleaning and disinfecting items, canning supplies…jars + resealable lids. We suggest the purchase of heirloom seeds, gardening tools, toilet paper, sewing supplies all on the list to have in your own place of storage.

We are doing everything we suggest to you. As I’ve said before, we sold my dream home last summer and purchased 12 acres with an older house and three outbuildings last fall. We are currently remodeling the house and will begin outside this summer. We are planning a large garden complete with a greenhouse. We have some fencing, but more will have to be put in place. The land needs work to prepare for a couple of cows and a pig. A chicken coop needs to be built and we plan to dig a small pond we can use for water storage and recreation. In the future, we would like to build a few small cabins for family and friends when the time comes.

Another important preparation is spiritually. This blog focuses on spiritual preparation more than anything else. We feel it is a great weakness in the hearts of many Christians. Many are simply not ready to face spiritual persecution or trials. We do not know what the future holds, but we can already see the covert attacks on Christians. It seems we are the enemy, not radical extremists. We are seen as intolerant and unloving. The idea of speaking the truth in love is not understood by a lost world. Any mention of sin and the need for redemption, through acceptance of Jesus as Lord and Savior, is met with opposition. They see anything we say as a personal attack and offensive. As a result, Christians are being silenced and sued whenever possible.

Dark days are creeping in. Depending on who is elected, things will either escalate or slow a bit giving us more time to prepare. Regardless, if you haven’t begun your preparations….start today. If you have started, don’t let up. If money is tight, budget what you can, but do something. We are hopeful we have a few more years, but we never know. Don’t put off today what may be imperative for tomorrow.

Life is Fleeting

Life is fleeting and can be over in a flash.

This past week, we witnessed a single car accident on I-20 in Texas. The car had just passed us and was passing another semi when my husband saw dirt flying. He moved over in time to see the vehicle flip on its top and spin as it slid a long distance before coming to a stop in the middle of the freeway. My husband blocked the freeway with our semi, pulled the brakes, and we rushed to aid the occupants. An elderly man, the passenger, was conscious, his wife, the driver was not.

We began to pray for the couple as we, and several others, helped the man out of the car. Then I ran to the truck and grabbed two blankets off our bed to cover him. I knew we needed to keep him warm to reduce shock from setting in.

While we helped him, others checked on the woman. She was badly injured and they didn’t want to move her for fear it would do more harm. Unfortunately, she passed away before the emergency people arrived.

While helping the man, he commented, ‘it happened so fast.’ That is true about all life. We never know when our last breath will be. In the dark days ahead, we never know if we will be separated from those we love, temporarily or until we die. It important to tell your loved ones your feelings now. Let them know you love and care for them. In our email and cellphone age, calling or texting seems a bit impersonal. Take the time to write a note. Having a special handwritten message that one can look at days, months, or years from now, can be a very special possession.

Life is fleeting, please take the time to share your love with those around you, those who are important to you. Don’t wait thinking you have time. We never know when God will call us home.