It’s Hard to watch the Bad Guys Win

Are you like me, it’s hard to watch the bad guys win. Growing up, in my small corner of the world, the good guys always won. Life was fun. We rode our bikes all around town and played outside till dark. Bad things happened to others, in the big cities or on TV. Of course, that was in the 60’s.

Today, it seems the bad guys win a lot more than the good guys. On TV, in the movies and in real life, evil continues to grow and escalate with no end in sight. The wicked grow bolder with each passing day. Jesus told us this would happen. The hearts of people would grow colder each day. Disrespect of elders. Mothers and fathers turning against children and vice versa. Love of the creation instead of the Creator. We can add charges of offence, due to political correctness, caused by innocent comments, beliefs or our unwillingness to conform to current worldviews. All of these and more have grown to a fevered pitch. All this is topped by the worship of other gods: nature, false religions, education, government, philosophies, wealth, power, position, idols. We even place loved ones above God in our hearts. Worst of all, love of one’s self, coupled with selfish ambition, pull the hearts and minds from Jesus.

We live in a world where both physical and spiritual battles will be hard-fought and though we know Jesus wins in the end, there will be many confrontations before he returns. Our spiritual battles may be the hardest. It is easier to deal with the people we can see who war against us. Believers need to prepare for the spiritual battles, many may be worse than we have ever endured before. As human enemies step up their attacks on Christians, so will Satan and his minions. They will bring on full assault against God’s people. Temptation and condemnation will be two of the biggest strikes. Search your heart and know your weaknesses. Ask Jesus to bolster your determination to stand against the trials. Be sure to ask your prayer and support partners to pray for you…prayer always helps.

Jesus preached love and mercy and we must reflect his love. However, dark days are coming and people will come against us with the intention to harm or kill, I do not believe we are simply supposed to roll over and die. We will need to use our discernment and decide if it is time to take a stand. Our survival will depend upon it. Instead of stepping back in love and mercy, we will be called to defend ourselves and our families. We must come to terms with this truth now. To hesitate will bring defeat before the first shot is fired.

Remember, battles are lost and won. The stronger you are going into them, the better you will be. Begin to exercise your spiritual muscles now, so you will be ready when the real fight begins.

Run to Jesus

When times get hard and we are suffering, we have two choices…blame or run to Jesus. I remember a time in my life (fifteen years ago) when we lost our business and our home. I felt in my heart of hearts, God could have turned things around. Yet, he did not. I was angry. I blamed God. In the middle of this awful time in my life instead of running to the arms of my Lord I ran from Him. It took two or three months before I took a serious look at everything that happened. I began to see those things I had control over and those I did not. I realized I had some responsibility in the down fall of the business, but even more I did not. In those dark hours as I struggled to understand, I began to see God loves me too much to cause me this great pain. He suffered with me as I cried and tried to comfort me. It took time for me to grasp the idea, He now had a new plan and I’d have to choose which way to go…my own way or fall into step with Him.

It’s very common for people…believers and unbelievers to blame God when something bad happens. Especially in the death of a child or loved one, it’s commonplace for people to believe God’s responsible. I would encourage you to consider the following. We know the character of God is love. Even in our narrow view of love, we know love always wants the best for us. It looks out for us, cares for us, holds us near its heart, protects us where it can and on and on. Yet, in times of trouble, it is so easy to forget God’s love for us and that He wants only good things for us. My question is why do we blame God? Is it because we’ve been conditioned to believe He controls everything? Therefore, He could and should stop whatever bad thing comes our way? If that’s the case, why did God give us free will? Why give us a mind to reason out decisions?  If God controls everything…we are robots. We are not. Men and women were made in God’s image (likeness). So what is his image? He creates, he reasons, he makes decisions, he learns (well as much as the creator of heaven and earth has to learn), he teaches, he has emotions and much more. We are like Him. But we have one more thing…dominion.

Genesis 1:26-30 (NKJV) 26 Then God said, “Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness; let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, over the birds of the air, and over the cattle, over all the earth and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth.” 27 So God created man in His own image; in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them. 28 Then God blessed them, and God said to them, “Be fruitful and multiply; fill the earth and subdue it; have dominion over the fish of the sea, over the birds of the air, and over every living thing that moves on the earth.” 29 And God said, “See, I have given you every herb that yields seed which is on the face of all the earth, and every tree whose fruit yields seed; to you it shall be for food. 30 Also, to every beast of the earth, to every bird of the air, and to everything that creeps on the earth, in which there is life, I have given every green herb for food”; and it was so.

God gave man dominion over the earth. This means we are in charge of the earth and our lives here. God can and will help, but God delegated authority to us. He will not violate our free will.  He will take bad things and help turn them around. He will warn us if we are the verge of a bad decision or something is going to happen. If others sin against us, He encourages us to forgive. If we sin against another we are asked to repent because sin never affects just us.

Romans 8:28 (NKJV) 28 And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.

I say all of this to remind us that we can look to Jesus and run to him when evil abounds in the world. As times get bad, as suffering and pain fill our hearts, we can flee to Jesus. His love is boundless. He will never leave or forsake us. We can count on Him.

Is Jesus Your Cup of Tea?

glass-mug-of-tea-clip-art Nearly everyone has watched a tea bag as the tea steeps into the water in a tea-cup. First, light brown tendrils flow into the water spreading until the clear liquid is no longer clear but golden brown. As time goes on, the liquid gets darker and darker in color and richer and richer in flavor. This shows how our life starts out with Jesus. At first only minor changes can be seen in our lives. As time goes on we see more lasting changes Jesus brings into our life. Maybe we stopped cussing or smoking or gossiping. Perhaps we are kinder, more patient or giving. Whatever they are the flavor of our life is changing and will continue every day until our life on earth is over.
Jesus via the Bible is our tea bag. The more we hear, read, mediate upon and study the Word, the more changes come into our life. If we stop reading, stop listening, or stop seeking the Word, it’s like removing the tea bag and over time the tea becomes weak. If we put the bag (Bible) back into our life, the flavor becomes strong again. If we water down our life with cares, worry, busyness of life, or vain human philosophies, we’re again in danger of becoming spiritually weak. Yet again the problem can be reversed by simply getting back into the Bible by hearing, reading, study, and prayer.

There is one more variable I want to throw in. What happens when you add another tea bag, a different kind or type to your cup? Does it change the flavor? The color? For good or for bad? What about cream or sugar? We have to take care to guard our heart and not allow another message to change our walk with Jesus. He and he alone is our way to God. If we try to add to the truth of Jesus Christ or listen to voices that don’t come from our source the Bible, we are in danger of changing the final brew. We can listen to and consider the different interpretations of the Bible, but we must take care to discard anything that doesn’t ring true or does not line up with the core of the message the Bible presents.

All this brings us to your choice. Do you want a deep faith rich in flavor? Or will you settle for a weak watered down flavor? The closer you walk with Jesus, the richer fuller flavor (faith) you will have.

The point is you must allow Jesus to steep into your heart and mind. Anything less will only bring a weak flavor to your life instead of a strong vibrant flavor.

On the lighter side, consider my husband’s idea that a hamburger tells a better story. Jesus is the meat. We are the bun. When you add hearing (pickles), reading (lettuce), study (mayo/ketchup), and action (onion), your sandwich is full of flavor. When you bite in and juices run down your arm, you can really savor the richness of flavor. More importantly, you can eat all the spiritual hamburgers you wan

t because becoming fat in the spirit (full of faith) is a good thing. LOL


Anniversary Post

Hello Readers,
This is our anniversary post. Three years ago, we published Flee to the Mountains, Sanctuary Ranch (book 1) and launched Flee to the Mountains blog. Our blog has a readership of over 4450 and growing. We can’t tell you how humbling that is. God is good and this is His work, we are just his vessels.
This month we will post 5 of our favorite blogs since we began. Many new readers may not have seen them unless you went back to the older posts.
We truly hope Flee to the Mountains Blog is inspiring you to prepare your heart, mind, and home for the evil we face. We want to be the light in the dark days ahead.
Blessings, Bob & Donna

I want to be different Jesus just like you, I want to be tender with mercy guiding all I do, so when people talk about me it will be because I am different and the difference is love.”
These are the words to one of my favorite songs, “Different.” And I really mean them. I want people to see a difference in me…how I act in love toward others. It’s my desire others see God’s love flowing through me. I have long way to go, but I am working hard at being different each day. Are you?

In our world, people take notice of people who are different. Folk with strangely colored hair, tattoos, rings in their noses, tongues, or ears. The flashy who wear clothes that will draw attention; hot pants, short skirts or dresses, baggy pants; as well as the religious who dress with caps on their heads, plain clothes, beards, etc. All of these state…I am different. Yet all of this is an outward difference we can see but does not affect the heart. We do not know the motive behind the way a person dresses: attention, rebellion, modesty?

Outward looks are immaterial because the difference we should want is an inward difference of the heart. I want to be so much like Jesus, “I am different.” Because I reflect His love and actions. The hope is to be so yielded to Jesus that His will becomes my will, His ways become my ways, His attitudes are my attitudes, and His love for others becomes my love for others.

This change does not happen the minute we are saved. When you accept Jesus as Lord and Savior, the Holy Spirit comes immediately, removes our stony dead heart, and replaces it with new a heart (a new nature). This is not a change in feelings, again it is a change of heart. We must remember we have a lifetime of accepting ungodly thoughts and ideas as our own…old habits and behaviors that need to be unlearned and replaced with the new life Jesus has for us. In addition, we live in an ungodly world doing things our own way, following our own path, and listening to ungodly voices. We have yielded to the gods of this world who worship at the altar of self instead of the altar of Jesus the righteous and holy one; the true savior of our souls.

Conforming to a life like Jesus’ takes daily sacrifice and yielding of self. This allows the Holy Spirit to mold your heart into a heart alive with the love of Jesus. All of this takes time but the goal is to renew our hearts putting others before self; learning to love unconditionally, and forgiving completely and unconditionally any and all transgressions. It includes learning to depend only on God, not-self, the government, the church, friends, or family. Our church, friends, and family can support and encourage us, but they are never to take the place of God in our life.  This is a complete change in thinking and action from what we have known and has been taught in many of our churches. This is why this change only takes a short time for some, where others struggle for years to finally give up self and yield/surrender to God.

Jesus is our example of a life and heart completely yielded to Father God in all things. He gave up everything including his life on this earth for me and you. He humbled himself before the entire world to take my place on the cross. He was not self-centered. His thoughts were focused on me and all others who would call Him Savior, Lord, and Friend. He is totally others centered and Love is His key.

Love is my key also. His Love is what will make me different. Jesus and His love shed abroad in my heart will change my life when I yield myself to Him and His will. His love will overflow in my heart pushing out selfishness and self-centered pursuits. I will be completely dependent on God for everything in my life. When I truly allow this to happen I will be different.

When the transformation into Christ’s image is complete, we will be patient and kind, not jealous, envious or boastful. Never be arrogant or rude, not insisting on our way and will not need praise for doing what is right or needed. We will be helpful, considerate, concerned, and compassionate, not easily offended. Forgiveness will come naturally (70×7 times). We’ll be just, yet not condemning. We’ll be able to bear all things, believe all things, hope for all things, and endure all things. Never giving up on someone else, sharing their burden and their joy in all things. At this point, we will be completely dependent on Jesus for my health/healing, prosperity, home, relationships, and wants and needs.

I am not there yet. The fact is I still struggle with old habits, attitudes and selfishness (even after walking with Jesus for years). It grieves my heart when this happens, usually a spur of the moment reaction. However, each day a little more of Jesus’ love fills my heart and as it does it pushes the old things away.

Someday love will prevail in all we do. On that day, our new nature of love, charity, compassion, and consideration will flow and we will truly be the hands and feet of Jesus.
But in the meantime
as these changes takes place, we will do what we can to show this lost world the love of Jesus, as we become a little more “different” each and every day.

Repeated Repairs

This past week has been filled with unexpected vehicle breakdowns, tows, shop time, and waiting…repeated repairs. First, our semi-truck had to be towed when the transmission failed. Then our new used car died on the way home from the dealership and it was towed as well. The repairs were made and our used car is running great, but our semi broke down two more times before a tech finally found the problem.

Our life is like this. There are times we breakdown, need repairs, and have to wait for the results. None of us will make it through life without trials and testing. These struggles come in all forms. Some are just bumps in the road, others need repairs (minor or major), and once in a while they will require a bridge.

Everyone goes through these kind of times, they are common to human beings. The difference is how do they/you handle them. Are you upset, anxious, worried when you hit a road block? Or do you try to do things in your own power only to either fall flat, create a worse situation, or end up with a mediocre success when it could have been great if you’d waited on the Lord?

I have found myself in each of the above places. How I react sometimes depends on how rested I am, what other things are going on in my life, or how focused I am on God at the time. I have rushed ahead in my power and made a total mess of things. Another time, I got ahead of God and though it turned out okay, it could have been fantastic and wasn’t. All because I did not wait on God.

Right now, Jesus is making me wait on a very important decision in our life. I know what I need to do…rest in him. But….I have to consciously force myself to focus on Him, knowing he will work in His time, not mine. I’ll admit, this time it’s a struggle! This is a testing time for me. I cannot rush God. I want the outcome to be positive and for our benefit. So I pray for patience.

Fortunate for all of us, Jesus waits in the wings to lift us up and help us. He is always there working in the background, but he will not intrude in our life without our asking him to. That’s why prayer is so important to avoid the need for repeated repairs to our life.

As more and more evil invades the landscape of our country, we must learn to ask, then wait on God. He may not be as quick as we think He should be, but he will never be too late.


Unforgiveness, what does it say about Christians?

I listen to audio books when I drive and I’m behind the wheel a lot. I enjoy a good syfy, mystery, historical, contemporary or Christian story. Recently, I listened to a Christian story. Halfway through the book I was ready to throw it out the window. It upset me to see how the author portrayed the main character….a young woman, married, a Christian and unforgiving. Her husband for lied to her…even though it saved her life, she refused to let it go. What does it say about her…about Christians?

Are real Christians petty and unforgiving? Or is that just how we are seen? If a Christian author writes this way, how are unbelievers who pickup the book supposed to see believers? But in defense of the author, she is just trying to make the book interesting with conflict and show that the character just needed time to get her head around the facts. In the end she did forgive. But it struck me wrong, especially since forgiveness came grudgingly and very slowly. More importantly, Jesus forgives the second we ask….how can we do less?

I realize it is sometimes hard to forgive others when their actions or behaviors harm us. Lying, cheating, stealing, gossiping or anything else. Yet, we are called as believers to forgive…just like Jesus does. It is one thing to struggle to forgive…trying but sometimes falling short verses not trying at all…being adamant, I will never forgive. But we are not given the choice…if we don’t forgive, we will NOT be forgiven. And it doesn’t matter whether others ask for forgiveness or not. It doesn’t matter if they have remorse or regret or think your deserve whatever you got. The fact is, it’s not about them at all. It’s about YOU. Jesus tells us we must forgive 70 x 7 each transgression. After all, he forgave us when we didn’t deserve it.

Why do you think God handles forgiveness this way? First, it is about obedience. Will you obey God and forgive as He asks? Second, I believe it is simply because Jesus did not deserve the punishment he received on our behalf…the sin was not his. His grace covered our sin…his love is so great he wants no separation…no hard feelings. Third, there is humility in extending forgiveness. It is acknowledging we receive what we don’t deserve so we give what they don’t deserve either. It is about receiving and giving grace…undeserved love and forgiveness.

It is important to say, forgiving does not mean we need to forget. We certainly don’t want to put ourselves in a position where people will continuously sin against us. We need to avoid those situations. It is okay to protect ourselves from these people, so remembering is okay we just can’t allow it to taint our thoughts and feelings.

As we move toward dark days, sin will grow. Others will watch how we handle those who sin against us. The world acts in revenge and anger. Believers should act in love and forgiveness. We need to get our heads around this now. Our faith must shine through even in the darkest days.

Matthew 18:21-22 (NKJV)
21 Then Peter came to Him and said, “Lord, how often shall my brother sin against me, and I forgive him? Up to seven times?”
22 Jesus said to him, “I do not say to you, up to seven times, but up to seventy times seven.

Matthew 6:14-15 (NKJV)
14 “For if you forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you.
15 But if you do not forgive men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses.

Upbeat or Gloomy?

Is your cup half full or half empty? Are you upbeat or gloomy?

Complaining, whining, and dour people drive me crazy. (I know it’s a short drive.) These gloomy…cup half empty folk never see the blessings in their life. What’s sad is many are Christians who profess Jesus as Lord and Savior. They have received his salvation, his love, and provision, yet they still don’t see how blessed they are.

On the flip side, upbeat…the half full (and more) individuals light up the room with the love of Jesus and bring a smile to everyone around them. These dear saints look for the bright side in everything and thank God even in the darkest of days. They lift us up with their positive attitude and give us hope. As Preppers, it is very important we associate with upbeat, inspiring, and encouraging people.

As we prepare for hard times, there will be many difficulties and obstacles ahead. Some of these are budgeting in order to afford the necessary items when our finances are already stretched to the max. Storing extra food, collecting the seeds, learning skills like canning and preserving or sewing. Our half empty brothers and sisters worry about all of this. They have questions like: Will we be ready when the day comes and things crash? Will we be able to protect our families from those who didn’t prepare and want to take what we have? Will we have enough to get us through the dark days?

I’ll admit I too have been overwhelmed with questions at times. (Sometimes I believe Satan is messing with me, other times I just get anxious.) But Bob, my husband, is a full cup kind of guy and always lifts me up. That’s why it’s so important to have this kind of person in your life. Upbeat Believers know God is with us and He will never leave or forsake us. They know we can trust Him to care for us. They understand we will be overwhelmed with worry or general concerns at times, but simply continue to do what they can do and leave the rest to God. Sometimes, we just need a gentle reminder and our cup will fill again.

Worry is not trusting that God can or will take care of things. It is looking to self, seeing our inadequacies and not turning to the one who can help. Don’t get me wrong, we still need to do our part. Just don’t worry about it. Slow and steady preparation is the key.

I challenge you to be a half, three-quarters, or full cup individual. Don’t look at the challenges ahead with dread. Rather, now is the time to share our faith in God and His great love with unbelievers. Use the time we have left to band together with like-minded people and plan together for the future. Encouraging one another and sharing information should top the list. Last, but not least, pray God will give us discernment to know whom to align with, resources to prepare, and wisdom as we follow Him to the end.

Waiting on Jesus

Our house has sold, we packed and moved, now we are waiting on Jesus to direct us.

In a previous post, I shared my struggle to put my dream house on the market. It was a beautiful home on a half-acre. A small river flowed behind the house. I enjoyed the sound of the rippling water and watching people float down the river on tubes and boats. I always thought we would retire there. Yet, Father God has another plan. So I submitted and we put it on the market.

Our wonderful home finally sold and we closed early September. In anticipation of our move, we looked at numerous houses with acreage and even bare land, everything seems so expensive. More important, we just haven’t seen the right place yet. For me, it is difficult not to have a place I can call mine. I know it is just a material thing, maybe it’s a woman thing, but there is security and comfort knowing there’s a place called home.

When we received the vision of hard times ahead and a sanctuary ranch over eight years ago, we knew God was giving us a glimpse of the future. We just don’t know when the dark days will come. It could occur soon or it could be years. We only know Father God has directed us to prepare.

Soon after the vision, I began writing about the Sanctuary Ranch in my first book, Flee to the Mountains in an effort to share our warning with others. Even now I can close my eyes the ranch. A stream flows down the mountainside trickling over and around rocks and into a small crystal clear lake. A huge barn stands sentinel over fenced meadows holding cows and buffalo, while chickens peck the ground next to a large coup. A tractor rumbles in a large garden next to a greenhouse. Fruit trees, apples, pears, cherries, plums and apricots ring the inside of the fenced area keeping the deer and other critters outside. Small cabins and houses dot the landscape. A large dining hall bustles with activity, smoke rising lazily from a wood-burning cookstove. A small chapel with a bell tower and steeple rise above the small valley. People of different denominations, colors, ages, yet sharing a spirit of unity, work together in harmony. Young children laugh and play in a playground next to the lake. All are Believers in Jesus Christ. All the while, darkness covers the outside world with increasing evil. It is so real in my heart and mind. Can you see it too?

As we wait, we look at the things we can do. As preppers, we will continue to purchase and store canning jars, lids and supplies, heirloom seeds, toilet paper and any other items that can freeze…since we live in the north-west mountains. Bob is continuing his study of off-grid systems knowing we want to install one once we find our new home. We plan to meet with our like-minded family and friends sharing our ideas and thoughts about working together when the time comes.

I don’t know what God will provide. Maybe it will be a small ranch only able to provide for a small number of people. Or it could be larger acreage that will accommodate a greater number, only time will tell. The reality is even with the sale of our house we cannot even come close to affording a place so wonderful. But my Father God has done amazing things in my life and I know he can do it again. So we continue waiting on Jesus, knowing in His time He will provide. I ask that you pray in agreement with us…that God will guide us to the perfect sanctuary ranch and supply the finances to pay for it. Because where God guides, God provides.

Are you being guided to establish your own sanctuary ranch? This vision is not just for us, God gave it to us to share with others. That is why I wrote the book and am still writing. There will be a need for places of refuge all over the country…the world. So pray about your own circumstances and if you are called…step out in faith, ask Father God to direct you too. Please know, we are already praying for you.

Walking in Righteousness

Walking in righteousness is not for the faint of heart and is impossible without the Lord guiding the way. Simply put, we cannot walk in righteousness on our own. People of faith…Believers in Jesus Christ…Christians are ridiculed, mocked, and demeaned in our world today. We are considered weak and spineless in need of a crutch to get through life. Many do not like the fact that Believers even make the effort to live a holy life acceptable to our Lord Jesus. I figure unbelievers either have accepted Satan’s lie there is no God, or their own personal condemnation is eating away at them. After all, if Christians work to avoid sin, it only makes unbelievers look bad because they don’t even try. Most consider they are good people with no need for salvation.

Stepping out in faith and striving to walk a life without sin is filled with great blessings and lots of potholes. There are temptations at every turn and very easy to stumble into. Our society is filled with acceptable sins, behaviors, and actions unbelievers (even some so-called Christians) do not believe are sins at all. But we do not get to choose what is sin and what is not sin. That belongs to God alone. His Word tells us what sin is. Yet, we are promised we will never be tempted beyond what we can handle. There are successes and I admit failures as well in our walk in righteousness. We will never be perfect, but we can strive to be.

So how can we be successful walking in righteousness?
1. Accept you cannot do it without Jesus. Ask for forgiveness and submit your life to him.
2. Read and study God’s Word. In order to understand what sin is, you must know and understand what God says is sin.
3. Avoid old friends who still walk in sin, they can bring you down not lift you up. Don’t frequent places where sin abounds.
4. Be careful what you listen to or watch on TV. There is a great deal of acceptable sin in Hollywood and on the media, especially sexual sin, greed, gossip and covetousness.
5. Listen to the Holy Spirit within you. If you feel uncomfortable about something, you should step back and take stock. Jesus is always with you…knowing he is there, would you still do it?
6. Confess your weaknesses to Jesus. He will help you if you ask.
7. Resist the devil and he will flee. Accept that Satan is real. He will do anything to trip you.
8. Establish a relationship with an accountability partner…a spouse, family member, close friend. Share your struggles with them so they can support, encourage, and pray for you.
9. Attend church or Bible studies. Establish relationships with other believers. Just remember, they need the same grace Jesus gives you. In times of success, rejoice with them. In times of failure, commiserate with them because next time it might be you.
10.Pray, pray and pray some more. We are in a war with evil and God is our commander.

We are the light of the world…the only Jesus many will ever know or see. In dark days ahead, people around us need to see we are different…just like Jesus. If they can’t see a difference, they will not come to us and we may miss the opportunity to witness God’s love and grace to them. That would be our greatest failure…if we fail to share the gospel of Jesus Christ to this lost and dying world. What they do with the truth is up to them. But we need to do our part to share God’s love with all we meet.

Jesus is the best friend you will ever have. He is with you all the time and will help when you call. As you are walking in Righteousness with him, he will never lead you down the wrong path. It may not be an easy route, but at the end…He will be waiting to pull you into his arms and say, “Well done, my good and faithful servant. Now enter into your rest.”

Asleep at the Wheel

Some of you might be old enough to remember in the sixty’s we danced and sang to the song, the Age of Aquarius by Hair. The words to the song were: This is the dawning age of Aquarius Harmony and understanding, Sympathy and trust abounding, no more falsehoods or derisions, Golding living dreams of visions, Mystic crystal revelations and the mind true liberation.

This was the philosophy of the time: sit back, make love, smoke your grass, be happy, and put a flower in your hair. Though I didn’t join the movement, I must admit to being guilty. I and so many others were asleep at the wheel. That philosophy took root and society began to change. In addition, we trusted our Government and believed our elected leaders would do the right thing for the people. That was some what true back then; for the most part we had men of moral character, but not so much today.         We must have eaten too much ice cream, and had brain freeze. Instead of Harmony and understanding, we didn’t know nor did we care. Instead of sympathy and trust abounding, we had apathy and expectation, of a new world coming. As for falsehoods and diversions we got promises of the end of poverty and the beginning of bi-partisanship from our leadership. What we got was the expansion of the welfare, bloated government, and left-wing and right-wing. If you don’t know if you are right or left just read the bible, in Ecclesiastes 10:2 – The heart of the wise inclines to the right but the heart of the fool to the left.

Only time will tell what the future will bring. But I hope you are wide awake, this is no time to be asleep at the wheel as we were. As times become darker, our only hope will be in Jesus and the preparations he directs you to make.

Ron D, The Drive By Chaplain